Saturday, September 30, 2006

Killer Dreams, Iris Johansen

Iris Johansen has produced a good story with "Killer Dreams". The queen of suspense introduces Sophie Dunston, a sleep researcher who developed a drug, REM-4 to help people with dream disorders. The drug can also be used for mind control and the owner of the Sanborne Pharmaceutical does just that. He turns regular people into what he wants, killers who he can control. After learning what Sanborne was doing, Sophie leaves the firm and tries to take care of her son, who has killer dreams. Her hatred for Sanborne brings her in touch with some of the killers Sanborne produced. Under extensive therapy, they once again live a normal life, but they despise Sanborne and what he is trying to do, develop this drug for sale to evil doers all over the world.

Sophie had one alternative, kill Sanborne. She meets with Matt Royd who was one of Sanbornes products, but was cured and his goal was to kill Sanborne also. They team up to rid the world of this evil man. At first they did not get along, but with time, they become romantically involved. The hunter becomes the hunted as Sanborne wants Sophie to continue with the drug. This leads to a dramatic conclusion with Sophie and Royd confronting Sanborne on an island off Venezuela. The suspense of this thriller holds the reader to the last page. The romantic overtones are the icing on the cake.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Book of the Dead, Preston and Child

The "Book of the Dead" is written by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. It is the third book of the Pendergast trilogy. I found that reading them in sequence put the story together better, but they can be read anyway you like. Both Preston & Child are authors of their own, but when one pairs them up as a duo, they become extra ordinary. They are very descriptive in the settings, it makes one feel like they are there. The personalities of the characters are done in a way that the reader becomes familiar with them, you become one with their personality, you are part of the story. The only problem with this story is it is very predictable.

The story starts with the New York Museum of Natural History receiving a package in the mail. Upon delivery of the package, a brown powder is leaking from a corner. It is thought to be a bio-chemical, anthrax. The hazmat is summoned and all hell takes place. With further examination, the package contains ground up diamonds. A couple of months prior, the worlds most valuable diamond collection was stolen from the museum, and this was all that was left, powder. Why? The museum tries to cover up the story but the news media finds the truth and published it in the paper. There was an outcry of the public! It was not good.

Collopy, the director of the museum, held a meeting with his board to do something about the outcry. He gets a message that ten million euros would be donated to the museum if they would put the money to use in the restoration of the Tomb of Senef. This was the way out of the scandal of the diamonds. They would have a big opening of the tomb, with invitations to all the high dignitaries, mayor, governor and many celebrities.

Meanwhile, agent Aloysius Pentergast was incarcerated in a maximum security prison, framed by his evil brother Diogenes for the murder of several people. Aloysius is very positive in his thinking and prepares for the best. His friends are trying to spring him from prison.

Diogenes has a big plan to create havoc with the museum and the city of New York. With Aloysius out of the way, he has a green light. With the catastrophic opening of the tomb of Senef, Diogenes is faced by his brother in a thrilling, page turning ending that will leave one brother dead, and surprises that makes one think.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pop Goes The Weasel, James Patterson

"Pop Goes the Weasel" is a story with Dr.Alex Cross as the main character. Alex is a detective with the Washington DC police, also a psychologist. There was a rash of brutal murders, Alex was sure they were done by a serial killer. Alex's commanding chief, Pittman, did not want Alex looking for a serial killer and told him not to. Pittman even had another detective watching Alex to make sure he did not look into that option. The detective, Patsy Hampton, was a loner in her operations, that is the way she worked. Alex uncovered some crucial evidence in the case with pictures of his family in a closet.

Alex and his family take a few days off to celebrate the "yes" answer that Christine said to the question of them getting married. They all went to the Bahamas for some rest and relaxing and plan for the up coming wedding. They were having a good time swimming and snorkeling in the ocean. On the last day of the stay, Christine gets kidnapped! There was no word and Alex was beside himself.

Geof Shafer, known as the weasel by Alex, was an agent for the British embassy, he seemed like a family man but he was a manic or bi-polar person. He was addicted to pharmaceutical drugs, he was out of his mind. Shafer was a player in the 4 Horsemen, a role playing game on the internet. He was death and all the murders in DC were his fantasy, but he took it a step further. He loved to kill!

Patsy Hampton was able to identify Shafer from a young hacker who read some of his fantasies on the net and hacked into his profile getting his identity and location of work. After receiving this information, she gets in touch with Alex to discuss the case. They put Shafer under surveillance. This leads to a large court battle and Patterson takes the reader to the truth of the justice system. If one is wealthy, the verdict bends in their direction, like O.J. Simpson. Patterson creates a grand finale to this story with the FBI and Interpol from Britain working together to keep things in wrap. Many surprises are in the ending and that only makes me want to read more of Patterson's novels.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google Analytics

I just signed up for this site (Analytics) and find it very interesting. I am able to view my visits and pageviews and see the world map that shows where my visits come from. I have visits from the US to Australia. Most visits are in the US but many are from the UK, Spain and Russia. I find this site very informative and interesting and there is much more I have to learn about the other functions available with this site. I was told this site used to charge a monthly amount until google bought them out and offer it free. Thanks google!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Dead Wrong, J.A. Jance

Jance writes a good mystery with "Dead Wrong". The main character is Joanna Brady, Cochise county sheriff. She is 9 1/2 months pregnant with her second child, but she has a job to do. She is faced with a shortage of help and a brutal murder of an unidentified man, his fingers were severed. Joanna was at a dead end, when someone made a positive ID of the victim which led to his background. The victim was Bradley Evans, he was incarcerated for 25 years for the killing of his pregnant wife while he was under an alcoholic blackout, no body was found but Evans coped a plea for his jail term. In Bradley's impounded truck, a photo pack was found and he was suspected of stalking this lady. The lady resembled Bradleys wife, but why was she being stalked?

Butch's parents arrive to wittiness the birth of the new baby. The mother was very rude and obnoxious and Butch did not want Joanna to take offense to her. Joanna had enough on her plate and did not need this, so Butch was by Joannas side in everything.

At the sheriff station, Joanna got word the Animal Control Officer(ACO), Jannine found a badly scourged and hurt dog, the third one, the other 2 were dead. She suspected illegal dog fights at the O'Dwyers ranch. The O'Dwyer brothers were bad news and Joanna said they are off limits. Jannine was doing some surveillance of the O'Dwyer ranch when she was attacked and beaten almost to death. Some innocent by standers witnessed the beating and were able to get Jannine to the hospital. Joanna talked to the witnesses and was able to get some leads on these cruel people.

J.A.Jance writes a very good story putting the murder mystery, the stalker and the brutal beating of the ACO together in a heart warming and exciting ending. Does Joanna have her baby? Read the story and find out.

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