Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Short Straw, Stuart Woods - Book Review

"Short Straw" by Woods is a good mystery with all the twist and turns of a mountain road. Ed Eagle an attorney in Santa Fe, NM wakes up late on the day that a reception for his new office was going to start around noon. There was much to be done and he wondered why his wife did not get him up. Come to find out she cleaned out the bank accounts and left Ed for parts unknown. After learning the truth, Ed hires two PI, one a retired detective from LAPD, Cupie, the other an Apache from Santa Fe, Vittorio. Barbara, Ed's Wife, left for Mexico, but Ed was able to retain most of the assets. The two PIs meet in Mexico, find Barbara and present her with divorce papers. She is very slippery and gets away. The PIs are relentless and follow her in her travels. A sub plot, where Ed draws the short straw and has to defend a man for triple murder, Joe Big Bear, plays an important role in the story.

Stuart Woods holds the reader in suspense as Barbara and the PIs travel in Mexico to La Jolla and LA. Eagle flies to LA to meet with the PIs and hopefully Barbara, to settle the dilimma. Things get hot but Woods does a good job bringing it all together. It is a quick and enjoyable read but one must look out for the one you trust.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Plum Lovin', Janet Evanovich

This is a short story to hold readers through until the 13th Stephanie Plum book comes out this summer. The main character is the lovable Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter from Trenton, NJ. She is trying to apprehend Annie Hart, a relationship expert, who was falsely accused of a robbery and shooting. Steph was in her kitchen when approached by Diesel, also a bounty hunter. Steph was startled by his presence and said "Why don't you knock?" he only smiled. Diesel told Steph that if she would help him with his task, he would deliver Annie for the bounty she was after. His task was to unite several lonely hearts for a fine Valentine day, she agrees.

Evanovich is at her best with the humor and antics. The laugh is the traditional encore in her books and a good mystery to keep everything in focus. The reading is quick, funny and enjoyable.

Stephanie travels through out Trenton to mend broken marriages, start new relationships and help out with a 30+ year old virgin. Lulu and Steph's grandma add to the humor and contribute to a fine conclusion.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Shaman's Game, James Doss - Book Review

Jame Doss has written a very mystical story with "the Shaman's Game". The story begins in southern Colorado with the Ute Native American Indians and Charlie Moon, born and bread Ute and USPD policeman. The Shaman is Charlie's aunt Daisy Perika, a traditional Ute with mysticism and Indian beliefs being her way of life. Charlie is more modern in his approach to life, but still holds to the thinking of an Indian. Every year there is a ceremony of the Sun Dance, a dance of several days without water, that gives power to the one who finishes. The dance brings tragedy to the Utes when the finisher dies. His death was credited to a witch. Daisy is sure of this and starts proceedings to battle the witch. There is evil in the her midst.

Charlie Moon is a big man, handsome and in shape. He is sought after by most eligible women. Myra is the one who is lucky to be with Moon until he is approached by an old high school girlfriend, Delly. Charlie is just trying to do his job with the USPD and with the possible murder of the dancer, he could not understand the women and the feud that pursues. Charlie was caught in the middle. Delly got a job at the local paper and said she would work on the witch scandal and tell who the witch is after another Sun Dance ceremony. The Sun Dance begins and Doss holds the readers interest with the mystery of the witch and mysticism of the Indians. The dreams and omens that Daisy had only brings truth to the finale and Charlie is faced with some unanswered mystical questions.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Angels Flight, Michael Connelly - Book Review

Connelly has done a top notch job on this detective mystery in LA with Harry Bosch as the main character. The story starts with Harry getting a call at mid-night by his chief to investigate the murder of Howard Elias. Elias was a black civil rights lawyer that made a name for himself out of suing the LAPD. Elias was found shot in the rail car of the Angels Flight along with a lady. Tension was high after the post riot days of '92 and the death of this lawyer might start another riot. The people of LA thought the LAPD was behind this tragedy, so the chief assigned the case to Harry and his team, who are black, hoping this might help. Elias was going to trial to expose the innocence of M. Harris, who was suspected of killing a young girl, Stacey Kincaid, the daughter of the well known car czar of LA. Bosch decides to start from the beginning with the murder of Stacey thinking that was the same one who killed Elias. Things heat up and Bosch uncovers a pedophile ring on the Internet that leads to Sam Kincaid, the stepfather of Stacey. Through much reading of files, Bosch is able to piece things together. The riots begin , and Connelly holds our interest with an ending that is unexpected. A very good mystery.