Monday, September 04, 2006

Dead Wrong, J.A. Jance

Jance writes a good mystery with "Dead Wrong". The main character is Joanna Brady, Cochise county sheriff. She is 9 1/2 months pregnant with her second child, but she has a job to do. She is faced with a shortage of help and a brutal murder of an unidentified man, his fingers were severed. Joanna was at a dead end, when someone made a positive ID of the victim which led to his background. The victim was Bradley Evans, he was incarcerated for 25 years for the killing of his pregnant wife while he was under an alcoholic blackout, no body was found but Evans coped a plea for his jail term. In Bradley's impounded truck, a photo pack was found and he was suspected of stalking this lady. The lady resembled Bradleys wife, but why was she being stalked?

Butch's parents arrive to wittiness the birth of the new baby. The mother was very rude and obnoxious and Butch did not want Joanna to take offense to her. Joanna had enough on her plate and did not need this, so Butch was by Joannas side in everything.

At the sheriff station, Joanna got word the Animal Control Officer(ACO), Jannine found a badly scourged and hurt dog, the third one, the other 2 were dead. She suspected illegal dog fights at the O'Dwyers ranch. The O'Dwyer brothers were bad news and Joanna said they are off limits. Jannine was doing some surveillance of the O'Dwyer ranch when she was attacked and beaten almost to death. Some innocent by standers witnessed the beating and were able to get Jannine to the hospital. Joanna talked to the witnesses and was able to get some leads on these cruel people.

J.A.Jance writes a very good story putting the murder mystery, the stalker and the brutal beating of the ACO together in a heart warming and exciting ending. Does Joanna have her baby? Read the story and find out.

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