Monday, December 17, 2007

Playmates, Robert Parker Book Review

"Playmates" by Robert Parker is a Spenser PI mystery that Parker is famous for. Parker writes a humorous, sexy and thrilling story that holds ones interest from start to finish. Spenser has been called to investigate point shaving at the University of Taft. Taft is a top basketball college with some teammates being drafted by the NBA, if they are good enough. Rumor has it that point shaving is present on the team. The coach does not believe it and forbids his players to talk with Spenser. Through investigating and viewing videos of games, Spenser finds this rumor true. He tells the coach, Dunham and gets a green light to solve the problem. Dwayne Woodcock is the star player on the team with future drafting of the NBA quite possible, but he is the one doing the shaving. The Mob from NY has their hook in Dwayne and are able to control him with ease. Money and lies keep the Mob on top of the situation until Spenser finds the connection of the university to the Mob. Spenser did not want to bring Dwayne down because he new basketball and not much else, he could not even read. A senior at a university and illiterate, not good. Spenser is a compassionate and understanding man who spends a night in jail for with holding information, but does his own thing and comes forward with good results. Parker has combined a true fact of shaving for gambling reasons with a suspenseful story. Spenser is a tough guy, stays in shape but is a loving man who cares.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fatal Tide, Iris Johansen Book review

"Fatal Tide" by Iris Johansen is a great romantic thriller that Johansen is well known for. She captures an idealistic romantic atmosphere with a story that is very suspenseful. Johansen has brought her characters through guilty pasts and how they overcome these problems with good results.

Melis and her step father Phil are well known oceanographers. Phil had a quest to discover the lost city of Marinth, a wealthy and rich city that was lost to the sea in a natural disaster thousands of years ago. Melis refused to help Phil find the city and lived on a remote island in the Caribbean. She adopted two dolphins, Pete and Susie. She studied their habits and life style. They were her life. Phil was blown up on his ship and the secret of Marinth was lost. Jed Kelby, an ex- SEAL, had dreams of finding Marinth and befriended Phil, his disappearance led Kelby to Melis.

Archer was an illegal arms dealer and was after the plans of a sonic gun, with great destructive power, that Phil had developed. With Phil not around, Melis was the only one with the plans and the secrets of Marinth. Kelby meets up with Melis and protects her from Archer, who wants the plans and goes to extremes with Melis and holds her hostage to her past. Melis made a deal with Kelby, she would help him find Marinth for his protection from Archer. Archer is a ruthless killer and a determined man who torments Melis to the end.

Johansen has her romantic roots exposed in this story, but the love of the dolphins and how human they really are, puts the story into a realm of realism. A quick and easy read that is a very thrilling and suspenseful novel.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Dead Watch, John Sandford Book Review

"Dead Watch" by John Sandford is his first political thriller. Sandford is a master in story telling which makes this page turning book very suspenseful with non-stop action. His characters are believable and the plot is riveting! A very talented author.

Jake Winter, a democratic research assistant, and ex-Army Intelligence who was wounded in Afghanistan, is called in by the Democratic President to investigate a political scandal that might include their party. A republican senator turns up missing, several day later his body is found in Virginia, burnt beyond recognition and decapitated. The governor of Virginia, Goodman, has a "Watchman" group like a gestapo, that was blamed for this atrocity. Jake has much to do. He meets up with the widow of the senator, Madison, to receive information about the senator and his ways. He finds much, that takes him on a journey that leaves two dead, and the truth of the death of the senator. There are many twists and turns in this plot, but Jake does his best.

With a Political thriller, Sandford puts several ideas in the plot, kind of the way bureaucracy and government run. We never know what is right. After reading this novel, one does not know what really goes on with the politicians. We can only hope for the best.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Lonesome Gods, Louis L'Amour Book Review

"The Lonesome Gods" by Louis L'Amour is a great historical fiction around 1820 of the southwestern part of California. L'Amour is very graphic in his stories, with a map of the area of that time. Included in this story is the desert around Palm Springs and Los Angeles. The realism of the area is put into a fictional story that holds one until the book is finished.

At the age of six, Johannes Verne and his father, Zackery, are journeying to LA from Santa Fe by a wagon with six other people. Zack has lunger disease and will die soon and he wants to go to LA where Johannes' grandfather lives. The grandfather felt betrayed for he wanted to keep the blood line of his Spanish heritage. His daughter ran off and married Zack, a common man of the US who was not Spanish. He wanted Zack dead, along with Johannes. Johannes' mother died from an illness, leaving Zack in charge of Johannes. With months to live, Zack heads west with the boy. Arriving at a natural hot spring at the foot of Mt. San Jacinto, Zack was told that his father-in-law was out to kill him, so he stayed in the Palm Springs local. Johannes is befriended by the Cahuilla Indians and learns the way of the Indian. Zack is killed and Johannes goes to LA to live with a lady, Miss Nesselrode, who he met on the wagon out of Santa Fe. Johannes becomes educated and lives a good life until his identity is discovered. His grandfather wants him dead, but Johannes is to smart to let that happen. A chase through out the south deserts, leaves many dead but Johannes prevails and gets to the Palm Springs area where he meets up with an old Indian friend. Now the hunted becomes the hunter and Johannes travels to LA to settle the dispute.

L'Amour has written a good historical account of this time. The development of LA and Palm Springs has brought us what we have today. The story puts it in an interesting and thrilling way! There is mystery through out the story and one does not know until the end.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hundred Dollar Baby, Robert Parker Book Review

"Hundred Dollar Baby" by Robert Parker is a Spenser detective thriller in Boston. Spenser is approached by April Kyle, an old friend who he saved from the streets and introduced her to a madam of a high class brothel in NY. Utley taught April the whore business. April started her own brothel and was faced with some strong armed men trying to ruin her business. April tells Spenser and he got involved ridding her of this problem, but he thought she was not telling the truth about things. Further probing proved him right. April was trying to develop a franchise of nation wide brothels, catering to the well to do man called "Dreamgirl". In order to do this, she needed funding. Her search led to several murders and the truth finally surfacing in the end.

Parker has produced a good suspenseful thriller where Spenser is in top form as a detective and a friend, but the friendship was not for real. Spenser learns the hard way but resumes his lifestyle as a good man, compassionate, carrying with humor and love.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Son of a Wanted Man, Louis L 'Amour Book Review

"Son of a Wanted Man" by L'Amour is a western story in the late 1800 that takes place in Utah and the 3 neighboring states.(Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado). L'Amour is great for the geographical realism and the facts about the development of law and order. The true facts are blended into the story, giving a real feeling of it happening that way.

Ben Curry was a big man, wise and intelligent. He was a wanted man! Ben was the brains behind an outlaw gang and by keeping a low profile, he was unknown with the law. Not having a son, he adopted a foster boy in hope that he may take over his gang. Mike Bastian learned scouting, tracking, the use of a gun and physical self defence,(fighting). Mike excelled in all and Ben decided the time was here for him to become the head man. Some gang members did not like the idea of Mike being in charge and captured him to use as leverage to get Ben. The gang was unsuccessful in capturing Ben and Mike was able to escape his bondage. There were two jobs, robing a train loaded with gold and a bank robbery at a small town bank. Bordan Chantry, the law, got wind of these activities and was waiting in ambush. Mike was off to another ranch that Ben owned to save Ben's daughters from some gang members that wanted the cattle. The confrontation of the gang and Mike, ended where one gang member was killed, but the other kidnapped Ben's daughter and fled into the wilderness. With Mike's tracking skill, he went after her with the other daughter at his side and was successful in finding her and killing her capture.

Louis L'Amour was French-Irish and at 15 he took off to explore the world. He did many things, but writing was his life long desire. He had 350 stories rejected before His writing was excepted. In 1984 he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Reagan. Louis L'Amour died in 1988 leaving a legacy of literary knowledge in the pages of his stories.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Simple Truth, David Baldacci

"Simple Truth" by David Baldacci is a good murder mystery that shows Baldacci is in perfect form. The mystery includes political members, the military and Supreme Court justices. Rufus Harms has been incarcerated for 25 years for a crime he did not do. He was in the Army during the Viet Nam war and could not follow orders and ended up in the stockade. That was the beginning of his trouble. Through the years and many appeals later, Rufus got an appeal out of Fort Jackson prison to the Supreme Court, the highest court available. The head man of the prison, Rayfield, intercepted the appeal and could not let the simple truth out. Conversing with his cohorts, Rayfield took matters in his hands which led to the murder of Mike Fisk, a lawyer in the Supreme Court. John Fisk, his brother and Chandler, homicide detective on the Washington DC police started a lengthily investigation. Harms was able to escape from Fort Jackson and helped Fisk uncover a scandal of the Army experimenting with LSD and PCP on unyielding soldiers. Rufus Harms was one!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sudden Mischief, Robert Parker

"Sudden Mischief" by Robert Parker is a Spenser detective mystery. Parker writes a smooth prose that is in the first person, this makes the reader feel like part of the story. The chapters are short and contain good humor. Parker is descriptive with his characters looks and the setting of the scenes. The reading goes fast and is very easy to understand.

Spenser is a private detective in Boston and while having a drink with his lover, Susan, she asks him to help her x-husband. Brad Sterling, her x, is being sued for sexual harassment and is desperate for her help. Spenser agrees, and starts investigating. Sterling was the man behind a fund raising benefit, Galapalooza, that was successful and even got praise from the President. This is where the harassment case allegedly took place. With the success of the event, the charity recipients got no funds. Something is not right! Sterling disappears after a dead body was found in his office. Spenser was searching the clues and discovered that the fund raiser was not legitimate. Sterling was using the charity as a front for some criminal activities, money laundering and embezzlement.

With murder and other shady activities, Spenser tells Susan what he came up with. Spenser once again proves himself as detective, friend, lover, and human being as Sterling's reappearance forces Susan to examine her past and her conscience. Spenser must do the same and realizes this to will pass.

Parker has written a good mystery, with love, friendship, humor and violence. This is the 25 series with Spenser and he dose not seem to get older, but he does get wiser.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

White Shell Woman, James Doss

"White Shell Woman" by James Doss is a good mystery with an American Indian myth and modern day results. White Shell Woman was a moon goddess that the Indians worshiped. She provided rain for their crops. The rain did not come for several seasons and the crops would not grow. The Anasazi Indians performed human sacrifices to make the moon cry. The moon cried fire and the Indians left, but not before they buried a treasure in the Wolf Mesa area. Charlie Moon was bequeathed a cattle ranch, Columbine, with five square miles of pristine grazing land and a lake full of trout. He was no longer a police for SUPD but a rancher. He became an investigator for the Ute tribe along with a badge, gun and enthusiasm for the challenges in front of him. The ranch foreman did most of the work so Charlie had some free time to devote.

Dr. Amanda Silk, an archaeologist, was watching over the Wolf Mesa site for the forest service, to keep pot hunters and treasure hunters away. On one walk, she uncovered an ancient petroglyph which pointed to where the Anasazi treasure was buried. This was great news and brought many professors with a PhD to study the rock carving. At the site of the treasure, the murder of a graduate student found in a grave and burnt, was the start of the myth of the fire tears of the moon. The FBI were called in and there was a search for the perp. Charlie did his own investigating, for the murder was on the Ute reservation.

Charlie Moon was hit on the head and nearly died. He was found in a grave covered with rocks and pine needles, about to be torched. The howling of a dog saved him. Doss has provided a fine mystery with the Indian Myths and a modern day solution. Doss knows American Indian folklore and puts it in a story of mystery with good results, that the reader enjoys.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Deadly Canyon, Jake Page-Book Review

"The Deadly Canyon" by Jake Page is a good mystery about conspiracy,smuggling and murder. Mo Bowdre, a blind sculptor from Santa Fe, NM, was commissioned to do a piece for a scientific research center, thirty miles from the border of Mexico in the Peloncillos mountains, NM. Mo was accompanied by his half Hopi Indian lady friend, Connie Barnes, who was his spiritual connection, lover and eyes. Mo has a sixth sense for trouble and a simple and sure way for detection. His loss of one sense has greatly enhanced others which proves that he is a complete man. The commission was organized by the FBI. An agent for the FBI was killed while working out of the facility and they wanted an inside man to gather information about the scientists and everything he could. Mo and Connie fit in the research center well, making friends and getting comfortable with the site. Another body was discovered in Skeleton Canyon, A Mexican lady scientist was found at the bottom of the canyon, her death was ruled accidental but Mo had other ideas.

SPOILER: There was a smuggling ring at the center. Aztec artifacts and gold statues were being processed through the center from Mexico and the head scientist was the ring leader. After telling the sheriff the stories that Mo developed in his mind, four people; Mo, Connie, a guide and a deputy, headed to the canyon where the smuggling was to take place. They were on a simple camping trip, but the Sheriff was waiting for an arrest near by. They pitched their tents and waited. That night after dark, gunfire erupted striking the tents. Everyone was hiding in the surrounding bush and escaped the onslaught of the bullets. The bad scientists were captured, Mo was shot in the side trying to apprehend one who was fleeing, not life threatening, and all worked out as planned.

Page has done a great job with this book. He is right up there with Hillerman and James Doss, with the American Indian and their ways and thoughts. Mo Bowdre finished the scuplure and it was presented to the science research center with a big fanfare. I am looking forward to another adventure of Mo Bowdre, his wit and detection along with humor, are always welcome.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lean Mean Thirteen, Janet Evanovich-Book Review

Bouncy and perky Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter from Trenton, is in perfect form with this funny mystery. In "Lean Mean Thirteen" Stephanie is busy apprehending FTA's and trying to prove her innocence. She had an altercation with her X-two timing husband, Dickie Orr. He ended up missing with blood and bullet holes in his residence, Steph was the suspect. This leads to a search for Dickie, but Steph is not the only one looking for him. With Joe Morelli, her on and off again Trenton cop boy friend, on a special job, Ranger is looking after Stephanie. She is a handful with trying to get her FTA's and her living the life she does with family ties and just good friends. Dickie was tied to a firm of shady men who were into drug running and money laundering. Dickie overheard the plan to get rid of him , take the millions and flee the country, but Dickie was able to divert the money. His cohorts thought Steph knew all and started to go after her. Evanovich has Stephanie apprehending FTA's, escaping from the bad and trying to live a peaceful life. Is Stephanie ever going to grow up? One should learn from past experiences, but that is what puts the humor in the stories.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Skeleton Man, Tony Hillerman Book Review with Spoiler

Retired Leaphorn, from the Navajo Tribal Police Headquarters, gathers with some of his cohorts to discuss diamonds that have been surfacing for years. Some fifty years ago there was a mid-air collision of airlines over Grand Canyon. The canyon floor was littered with dead and body parts. One victim had an atache case handcuffed to his wrist full of diamonds. His body was never found, but rumor had it that the severed arm with the case was seen in the river but not retrieved. Joanna Craig was the illegitimate daughter of the diamond czar and wanted the arm for DNA analysis to prove her rightful heir to her grandfathers fortune. Several diamond show up in northern Arizona with the same story as how they were acquired. An Indian Shaman, Skeleton Man, gave them in trade for some personal items from passer byers at the bottom of Grand Canyon.

Plymale was the lawyer in charge Craig's fortune and did not want Joanna to get the arm for DNA results, so he hires a bounty hunter, Chandler, to keep this from happening. He had a lot to lose if the truth came out.

Sargent Chee along with his bride to be, Bernie and Dashee were preparing for a climb to the canyon floor. Tuve, one who got the diamond from the Shaman, was going to take them to the spot where he saw the Shaman. He did not show, so Bernie and Chee and Dashee headed down the trail with hopes to meet Tuve later. At the bottom, Chee and Dasheee split up to locate Tuve. Bernie stayed put to wait for Tuve, as time past Bernie went exploring. She found the canyon that Tuve described and went up to see what was there.

SPOILER: Joanna was on her way down with Tuve when she lost Tuve. She continued down and found Chandler, who got a helicopter ride down. Bernie went up the canyon and found the Shaman, who was dead for a long time, laying in the path. Further up the canyon she found the ledge he called home, the diamonds and the arm with the case were there. Joanna and Chandler were following her tracks and not far behind. They met up and found the diamonds also. Chandler was in charge and took the diamonds, Joanna took the arm bones. Suddenly there was a big rain storm that produced flash floods in the canyon, with water flowing strong through the canyon. Joanna and Bernie were able to get to the ledge where the bedding of the Shaman was and escaped the flood. Chandler was swept away. Chee was following the tracks left by Bernie and the others and when the flood arrived, he was able to get to a safe spot. Chandler's body was later found on the shore of Lake Mead, no diamonds. Joanna got her arm bones and the DNA proved she was the heir to the Craig fortune.

Hillerman has provided a great story with American Indian background. The Leaphorn legacy lives on and is ready for another adventure.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Grandmother Spider, James Doss-Book Review

"Grandmother Spider" by James Doss is a mystical thriller full of suspense. Starts with nine year old Sarah Frank killing a spider and Daisy Perika, her guardian, tells her that the big grandmother spider will come from her home under the water of Navajo Lake and take revenge. The spider is huge and kills his pray by decapitating them, sucking the blood out of them and putting them high in a tree for future consumption. That night Daniel Bignight is called to the shore of Navajo Lake because an unusual orange light was spotted. In awe Bignight sees a huge shape in the sky, with legs dangling down and tangled in one is Tommy Tonompicket. The thing floats north in the wind and out of sight. Many calls come in to SUPD seeing this thing in the sky. Grandmother Spider is out and on the prowl!

Charlie Moon is the acting chief for the SUPD and is more realistic about what happened. On the shore of Navajo Lake there were two trucks and no occupants. The trucks are owned by Tommy Tonompicket and Dr. Pizinski. Pizinski works for RMAFS (Rocky Mountain Advanced Flight Systems). The RMAFS does work for the Air Force and is very secret about their activities. A couple days later Tommy is found in a tree and Pizinski was found wandering in the forest. They were put in the hospital but neither one had memory of the incident.

SPOILER: Charlie Moon was very skeptical about the spider myth and did his own investigating. With murder and mayhem, a lawyer was decapitated, Charlie comes up with the truth. The episode was produced by the launching of a hot air balloon in the shape of an octopus. Tommy and Pizinski floated north in the balloon and hit the roof of a lawyer which caused a sheet of ice to slide down the structure and decapitate him. Tommy was thrown from the gondola and landed in a tree, so there was a vengeful side, kill Pizinsky. Doss has done a good job with the mystical spider and the episode of the following events. A very good story that shows Doss is a knowledgeable person of the Ute myths. This book is worth reading, with suspense through out. The ending is a dream come true with Doss showing the reader tranquility and bliss.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Bormann Testament, Jack Higgins-Book Review

The Bormann Testament by Jack Higgins is a new version Of The Testaments of Casper Shultz. It is a good thriller of the acquisition of the memoirs of a Nazi who was Hitlers associate. There are many German Nazis and dignitaries that don't want these known. The story begins in England where Paul Chavasse is summoned by his chief of intelligence to get these memoirs. Paul travels to Germany to do so and runs into trouble from the start. There was a leak of info and Paul was the scape goat. After a confrontation on a train, Paul is rescued by an Israeli Nazi hunter who works with Paul to get the testament. Higgins includes much action, love and espionage that makes this story good. This is a well documented account of what could happen if this were true. The pace is active throughout and the ending makes you think. Jack Higgins has done a reputable job.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Twisted, Jonathan Kellerman - Book Review

"Twisted" by Jonathan Kellerman is a great suspense thriller that keeps one going through the end. Petra Conner is a lady detective with the LAPD. She has been in a past novel with Alex Delaware but takes the stage in this story. Petra is called out to investigate a drive by shooting that left 4 teens dead. There is one victim that stands out, a Jane doe, no one has identified her. This is the way for Petra to work the case. This is a subplot in the story, the main plot centers around a genius intern that works for LAPD. He discovered through statistics that on June 28 for six years some one was bludgeoned to death. The similarities were more than coincidental. One twisted killer. With two cases on her plate, Petra is busy trying to stay on top.

Kellerman has delivered a good character in Petra. She is very interesting, has a love life and is just a like able lady. The plots are good, and the procedures for solving these cases are just. His use of the genius intern, Isaac Gomez, is a good way to introduce a future character, which will probably surface in new books. There is a little love, excitement and joy in this book, and the mystery is with you through out. Good book.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Black Market, James Patterson-Book Review

"Black Market" by James Patterson is an older novel that is copyrighted in 1986. It is a story about terrorism, which we did not think possible in our nation until 9-11 happened in New York. We are vulnerable! Arch Carrol is an expert on terrorism and works for the government. The terrorist attack Wall Street and make off with billions of dollars, they were going to cripple the economy world wide. The terrorist were called Green Band. Carrol was on top of the info about Green Band and starts his investigation. There was not much to investigate. Patterson has the reader focusing on terror, big government, and world wide involvement. Only Patterson can write a story of this caliber and keep the interest up in a page turning novel. The ending is great and Patterson has the reader guessing who was involved. Very easy to read and hard to put down.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Rattlesnake Crossing, J.A. Jance-Book Review

"Rattlesnake Crossing" by J.A. Jance is a superb mystery full of suspense and eloquently written with good down to earth motherhood and love. Joanna Brady is the sheriff of Cochise county, Az. and a single mom of Jenny, 11 years old. The hardships of being a mom and the sheriff are what Joanna faces every day. The high power sniper activity that downed 2 cattle and destroyed a well pump at a local ranch, took Joanna to a gun dealer in Pomerene to gather info about 50 caliber sniper guns. She finds the dealer dead and all his guns gone. This was the beginning of a mystery of a serial killer that brutally kills and mutilates by scalping the dead. One of the victims from a dude ranch that caters to wannabe Apache Indians, puts the focus on the visitors of Rattlesnake Crossing because of the scalping. Joanna is faced with the crime of the century and the chores of a single mom. Her relationship deepens with Butch Dixon and the sad tale of her friend Maculyea's adopted daughter becoming very ill. Joanna has a full plate but overcomes these problems with faith and perseverance. Only J.A. Jance can write a story of this quality and keep the reader going to the end.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Last Coyote, Michael Connelly

"The Last Coyote" by Michael Connelly is a very involved detective mystery that Harry Bosch decides to solve. Bosch receives involuntary stress leave (ISL) after pushing his commanding officer through a window. With time on his side, Bosch takes on a voluntary cold case of the murder of his mom that was 31 years ago. Having to see a shrink, the true Bosch comes to light, a very angry man. The psychologist brings to surface much dirty laundry that Bosch must face. He must contend with internal investigation, political power and ruthless killers that want everything kept quite. Also Bosch lost his lover and his house is condemned from earthquake damage. He has a heavy load and might be the last coyote on the LAPD. In the search for the answer Bosch travels to Florida and meets a lady that left a spark in his heart. Connelly writes an in depth story of a detective who overcomes these problems by moving forward in life. Very good story that keeps the reader going to the end.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beach Road, James Patterson

"Beach Road" by Patterson and De Jonge is a real suspenseful thriller that is easy to read and very interesting to try and figure out the plot, who dun it. The story starts in East Hampton where the wealthy have muti- million dollar estates. At one estate the owner built an official basketball court and the locals had games there often. Tom Dunleavy was a pro player, but injury kept him from his dreams. He ended up a lawyer in East Hampton and kept busy enough to pay the bills. Tom still played and went to the court to stay in shape. After a fight at one of the games, three team mates were murdered and Dante Halleyville is falsely accused. Dante is a friend of Tom's so Tom decides to defend him in court. Tom seeks the help of Kate Costello, a successful super lawyer and Tom's old lover. Together they produce a good defense for the trial of the century. Patterson has written the book from the viewpoints of the different characters involved. It is some what different from his normal prose, but the end product is very good. The ending is very surprising, but that is what Patterson does with the grace of a great author.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Lonely Silver Rain, John D. MacDonald - Book Review

A Travis McGee novel by John MacDonald, "The Lonely Silver Rain" is a good mystery and thriller in Florida that speaks for itself. Travis is contacted by an old million air friend, Billy Ingraham, to find his stolen 54 foot cruiser. Travis excepts and begins the search. From the air, the cruiser looks like a smiling face, so Trav had a pilot take pictures from the air and they finally hit their mark. Trav went to where the cruiser was anchored and found three dead bodies inside. One of the bodies was a female, the daughter of a Peruvian diplomat, her throat was cut and she had been raped. The diplomat was in a rage and wanted revenge. Travis' life was in danger. Assumption had it that Trav killed the occupants upon discovery of the vessel. Several attempts on Travis' life caused him to find the root of the problem and pursue information about the real killers. The trek takes him to Mexico and back which gave him the truth of the matter. They say if you shake a tree, the ripe fruit will fall. With the name of the killer exposed, a big turf war erupted between the new drug lords and the old ones. A lot of people were killed in Miami. The action was hot but Travis was going to save faith and expose the truth.

MacDonald has done a fine job with this book and to keep a character like McGee active in so many books, the reader always wins. The ending is very touching, showing that Travis is a real man.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Short Straw, Stuart Woods - Book Review

"Short Straw" by Woods is a good mystery with all the twist and turns of a mountain road. Ed Eagle an attorney in Santa Fe, NM wakes up late on the day that a reception for his new office was going to start around noon. There was much to be done and he wondered why his wife did not get him up. Come to find out she cleaned out the bank accounts and left Ed for parts unknown. After learning the truth, Ed hires two PI, one a retired detective from LAPD, Cupie, the other an Apache from Santa Fe, Vittorio. Barbara, Ed's Wife, left for Mexico, but Ed was able to retain most of the assets. The two PIs meet in Mexico, find Barbara and present her with divorce papers. She is very slippery and gets away. The PIs are relentless and follow her in her travels. A sub plot, where Ed draws the short straw and has to defend a man for triple murder, Joe Big Bear, plays an important role in the story.

Stuart Woods holds the reader in suspense as Barbara and the PIs travel in Mexico to La Jolla and LA. Eagle flies to LA to meet with the PIs and hopefully Barbara, to settle the dilimma. Things get hot but Woods does a good job bringing it all together. It is a quick and enjoyable read but one must look out for the one you trust.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Plum Lovin', Janet Evanovich

This is a short story to hold readers through until the 13th Stephanie Plum book comes out this summer. The main character is the lovable Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter from Trenton, NJ. She is trying to apprehend Annie Hart, a relationship expert, who was falsely accused of a robbery and shooting. Steph was in her kitchen when approached by Diesel, also a bounty hunter. Steph was startled by his presence and said "Why don't you knock?" he only smiled. Diesel told Steph that if she would help him with his task, he would deliver Annie for the bounty she was after. His task was to unite several lonely hearts for a fine Valentine day, she agrees.

Evanovich is at her best with the humor and antics. The laugh is the traditional encore in her books and a good mystery to keep everything in focus. The reading is quick, funny and enjoyable.

Stephanie travels through out Trenton to mend broken marriages, start new relationships and help out with a 30+ year old virgin. Lulu and Steph's grandma add to the humor and contribute to a fine conclusion.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Shaman's Game, James Doss - Book Review

Jame Doss has written a very mystical story with "the Shaman's Game". The story begins in southern Colorado with the Ute Native American Indians and Charlie Moon, born and bread Ute and USPD policeman. The Shaman is Charlie's aunt Daisy Perika, a traditional Ute with mysticism and Indian beliefs being her way of life. Charlie is more modern in his approach to life, but still holds to the thinking of an Indian. Every year there is a ceremony of the Sun Dance, a dance of several days without water, that gives power to the one who finishes. The dance brings tragedy to the Utes when the finisher dies. His death was credited to a witch. Daisy is sure of this and starts proceedings to battle the witch. There is evil in the her midst.

Charlie Moon is a big man, handsome and in shape. He is sought after by most eligible women. Myra is the one who is lucky to be with Moon until he is approached by an old high school girlfriend, Delly. Charlie is just trying to do his job with the USPD and with the possible murder of the dancer, he could not understand the women and the feud that pursues. Charlie was caught in the middle. Delly got a job at the local paper and said she would work on the witch scandal and tell who the witch is after another Sun Dance ceremony. The Sun Dance begins and Doss holds the readers interest with the mystery of the witch and mysticism of the Indians. The dreams and omens that Daisy had only brings truth to the finale and Charlie is faced with some unanswered mystical questions.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Angels Flight, Michael Connelly - Book Review

Connelly has done a top notch job on this detective mystery in LA with Harry Bosch as the main character. The story starts with Harry getting a call at mid-night by his chief to investigate the murder of Howard Elias. Elias was a black civil rights lawyer that made a name for himself out of suing the LAPD. Elias was found shot in the rail car of the Angels Flight along with a lady. Tension was high after the post riot days of '92 and the death of this lawyer might start another riot. The people of LA thought the LAPD was behind this tragedy, so the chief assigned the case to Harry and his team, who are black, hoping this might help. Elias was going to trial to expose the innocence of M. Harris, who was suspected of killing a young girl, Stacey Kincaid, the daughter of the well known car czar of LA. Bosch decides to start from the beginning with the murder of Stacey thinking that was the same one who killed Elias. Things heat up and Bosch uncovers a pedophile ring on the Internet that leads to Sam Kincaid, the stepfather of Stacey. Through much reading of files, Bosch is able to piece things together. The riots begin , and Connelly holds our interest with an ending that is unexpected. A very good mystery.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cinnamon Skin, John D. MacDonald

"Cinnamon Skin" is an older mystery by J. MacDonald. Macdonald is dead(1986) but his novels live on with great value and suspense for the reader of today. This is a Travis McGee story that is copyright 1982 but holds it own as a good story to this day. Starts in Florida when a boat leaving the harbor is blown up. Travis was on top of the tragedy because the boat belonged to his close friend Meyer who was supposed to be on the boat. Further investigation proved this wrong, Meyer was in Canada giving a lecture on economics, his niece and her new husband were on board. A photograph was viewed by Travis and the new husband, Evan, was not on the boat. This leads Travis and Meyer looking into the past of this man. They gathered much info on him that took them to Texas and CancĂșn, Mexico and back to Florida. In CancĂșn Travis meets a lovely Mayan princess, the color of her skin is like cinnamon. She travels back to Florida with Travis and a new relationship is born.

MacDonald writes with much fact about the location of the travels and the mystery is superb. MacDonald's stories are worth reading and easy to understand, so if you have some free time, read his Travis McGee novels. You won't be sorry.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blood Shot, Sara Paretsky

Blood Shot is an older novel that is copyright in 1988. Paretsky has a main character of V.I Warshawski, a lawyer and P.I in Chicago. Victoria meets up with an old friend from her childhood days, Caroline, to help find her birth father. The mother and her maternal grandparents don't want to disclose the truth. Caroline's mom is on her death bed at age 42 due to her work at a chemical company. The doctor was falsifying records so the company could continue to run. The search for the father turns into a battle that leaves one dead and many un-answered questions. Warshawski is an independent lady who stands her ground and almost died from this search. Paretsky takes the reader on a ride of insurance fraud to big business and mobster connections that keeps the reader on full alert. The mystery and suspense is very full filling with an ending that is very exciting.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lee Child talks on video

Lee Child talks about the time knowledge of his character, Reacher and how it relates to him...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Hard Way, Lee Child

Lee Child has out done himself with the new suspenseful thriller "The Hard Way". Reacher is drinking an espresso late one evening on a sidewalk cafe in New York when he sees a man get into a car and drives off. This is the beginning of a journey that leads Reacher into the hands of a mercenary, Edward Lane, who's wife was kidnapped along with her daughter. Five years earlier Lane's first wife was kidnapped and killed, so no cops on this case. With the mercenary market quite lucrative, Reacher is offered a million bucks to solve this. By piecing the puzzle together, Reacher uses more witt than mite, like Sherlock Holmes. By learning the chilling secrets of the past of his employer, Reacher is to deep in this to let it go, so he does it the hard way. The story leads the reader to England where a chilling stand off with mercenaries and Reacher have a show down.

Child has Reacher using his investigating skills more than his strength to out do Lane, but the ending is full of the hands on killing that Reacher is known for. The mystery is a great challenge for Reacher, but Child puts it all together in a good story. One of the best.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Palindrome, Stuart Woods

"Palindrome" by Stuart Woods is a great thriller full of suspense, a page turner. A palindrome is a literary device-a word, or sentence that reads the same forward and backwards. Exactly the same. Twins are palindromic.

Liz Barwick was nearly beaten to death by her husband, who was a pro-football player for the Georgia "Bobcats". He was out of control with steroids and drugs. Liz finds seclusion on Cumberland Island, south part of the coast of Georgia, for recuperating and taking photos for a book she is writing. On the island she becomes good friends with the Drummonds, who own the island, especially one of the twins. Things are peaceful until Liz hears that her lawyer and publisher died. Liz suspects that her "x" did this and is after her. Liz confides in Keir, the twin she is attracted to, and is reassured that it will be alright. The drama is very ongoing with death, love and sentimentality. Stuart Woods wrote a good novel, even though it is 15 years old, I found the second reading as though it was the first.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Therapy, Jonathan Kellerman

"Therapy" by Kellerman is an Alex Delaware novel. Kellerman is very descriptive in his details of what a character wares and the setting of a location. It is this detail that makes the story flow and keeps the reader interested to the finish.

Alex is asked by Milo to investigate a murder of a young man and his date that were found shot in the head as they were parked making out. They were left in a sexual position. Another murder of a well known psychologist, who was treating the first murdered victim, Gavin Quick, brings the story closer to the truth. There are sexual overtones in this killing. They are connected. As the story proceeds there are many theories that tie this novel together.

Alex assumes and Milo puts the assumptions together with his gift of good detection. The two of them amass much evidence that leads them on the right path. The ending is quite exciting but leaves many questions unanswered.

Kellerrman has done a good job with this book, taking one on a journey of suspense, discovery and insight. I found the book worth reading.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The 5th Horseman, James Patterson

"The 5th Horseman" by Patterson is the 5th book about Lindsey Boxer and the Murder Club. Lindsey is a Lt. of the SFPD in homicide and gets invited to lunch with Yuki, the latest member of the club, and her mom, Keiko. The mom collapsed and was sent to the SF Municipal Hospital where she got good treatment and was in full recovery when she was given the wrong medicine and died. This was not the first death that the hospital experienced, there were many unexplained deaths. Someone was playing God and the hospital was being scrutinized for this. They end up in court for mal-practice case. Along with this, Lindsey is looking at several murders of young women. They were found dressed in expensive clothes and propped up in a nice car to look like a mannequin. With budget cuts and a shortage of help, Lindsey seeks help from her friends in the Murder Club. Also Lindsey is able to get enough evidence against the hospital to survey the problem.

Patterson has provided the reader with enough suspense to keep the interest going to the last page. Lindsey is the only character exploited and to get to know some of the other characters in the club would be nice. There is a surprising twist at the end that is unexpected. All in all the book is a good, fast read and well worth the time.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cross, James Patterson - Review and Video

"Cross" by Patterson is an Alex Cross novel. Patterson has done a wonderful job with this book setting the pace with a psychopath killer and mutilator known as the " Butcher" Michael Sullivan. Patterson starts the story with Alex and Maria living in love and harmony with two children, Damon and Jannie. Alex picked up Maria from work when she was fatally shot in his arms. Thirteen years later these memories are still vivid in his mind for this case was never closed.

Alex has given up hunting criminals and started a practice of psychology therapy, a wish of his grandmother and children. He enjoyed this life of leisure, playing the piano and showing his love and help for all. Alex was approached by his friend John Sampson, a detective for the DC police, to seek out a ruthless rapist and killer. He could not say no for there was a tie to the death of Maria. The Butcher continued to kill and Sampson and Alex were hot on his case.

Patterson is very graphic in the killings, but that helps make the story non-stop. The book is a fast read and the intense is felt on every page. Patterson is a great author and his short chapters make the reading fly.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Step On A Crack, James Patterson

Patterson has developed a new character in "Step on a Crack", Michael Bennet. I was apprehensive about some one new but the character holds his own as a compassionate, loving man and a dedicated person with his position as a detective on the NYPD. It is going to be a very hard Christmas for Mike because his wife Maeve is terminally ill with cancer and he has 10 adopted kids of different origin to look after.

A funeral was being held at St. Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan for a past presidents wife. The mourners were hijacked and held hostage by a dozen men who were well armed and well planned for this event. Mike is the negotiator and his calm talk got many freed. The ones left were famous and rich. The hijackers demands were several million dollars for each celebrity. The story bounces between the visits to Maeve in the hospital, care taking of the children at home and the hostage taking at St. Pats. Things turn ugly at the cathedral when a priest was murdered and thrown out front. Mike kept his cool but knew they were dealing with ruthless killers. The pace thickens and the hostage drama is played out in full detail.

Patterson has developed a good story with the tension of the hostage ordeal, the loving moments Mike spent with Maeve and the home life with his children. The book is easy to read, very gripping and impossible to put down. I am sure there will be more stories with Mike Bennet, NYPD.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The Hades Factor, Robert Ludlum

"The Hades Factor" by Ludlum is a thriller all the way. Dr. Jon Smith, Lt. Col. of the USA, works for USAMRIID(United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease) along with Dr. Sophia Russel, his fiancee. Jon is away in Europe and Sophia takes on the task of identifying a killer virus that has killed three people so far. Upon certain data from this virus, she consults Victor Tremont, Blanchard Pharmaceutical, who she met in Peru on a field trip thirteen years ago about the Monkey Blood virus that was discovered. Tremont played ignorant for he had great plans with the virus and Sophia could destroy all his work. He had to eliminate her so he could reap the world with his devious plan. Jon returns and finds Sophia dead, he is heart broken. Being warned not to pursue this matter, Jon sets out to do just that. Contacting his old high school computer genius, Marty, they find much and go for it. They are being sought after by Tremont and his Arab henchman, Al Hassad. Keeping one step ahead of these ruthless killers, they find out the depth of Tremont's plan and try to bring him down.

Ludlum and Lynds have produced a good thriller with action on every page. Money is the root of all evil, and sacrificing millions of people for greed is what this story is about. It is amazing what the thought of billions will do to certain people, but ones conscience seems to over power with good.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Murder Book, Jonathan Kellerman

"The Murder Book" by Kellerman is a top rate mystery. Milo, Alex's sidekick from the LAPD is regarded in the first person which broadens the scope of this man, brings him into focus along with Alex (who is a danger junky). The two make a good investigating duo, with psychology and good detective work together.

Alex receives a package in the mail of a murder book full of detailed, gruesome photos
of unsolved homicides. He shared the book with Milo and to their discovery one homicide case was one of the first cases of Milo when he was a rookie on the force. Milo was teamed up with Schwinn at the time and he did not confide in Milo. Schwinn was forced into early retirement and Milo was transferred off the case. The case was still active after twenty years and the murder book brought it back. The mystery begins! Alex and Milo gather much evidence and found that the wealthy and politics(the chief of police) had a big role in the case. Kellerman does a fine job in keeping the reader alert and focused on the story. It is a page turner that Kellerman does well, letting the reader know that he is a master author when it comes to mystery. There is no need to start from the beginning of the series, this book stands alone. Very much recommended!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Innocent Man, John Grisham

"The Innocent Man" by John Grisham is his first non-fiction book that takes on the writing style of Grisham in his fiction works. The story is about an Oklahoma resident who was wrongly accused of a murder and sentenced to die. The unscrupulous DA, police and the lawyer were responsible for the lies and false evidence that turned out the verdict. Ron Williamson was framed but held on to his innocence through the whole ordeal. Not until DNA evidence was refined did the court accept the appeal. Barry Sheck, from the OJ trial, headed the Innocent Project, a law firm that seeks out the innocent, and found much wrong doing in this trial. What scares me is how the justice system is able to do as they please, but with new efforts by people like Sheck, we have some latitude in the law. The book is very interesting, telling of the ordeal Ron had to deal with and a glorious outcome at the end. Good non-fiction story, the truth.......

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rage, Jonathan Kellerman

"Rage" by Kellerman is a novel about Alex Delaware, clinical psychologist in Los Angeles. Alex works with the LAPD in consulting on cases with Milo Sturgis, a detective on the force. The story begins with the murder of a two year old girl abducted from a mall and killed by two teenage boys. One boy was killed in the CYA and the other made it through the sentence of eight years. Rand, the other killer, called Alex and wanted to meet with him, to tell Alex "he was a good person". Rand never showed for he was murdered. Alex and Milo assumed the father of the girl was the suspect. More dead bodies were uncovered which led to more speculation that headed in another direction. The killing of the toddler might have been a contract killing. The speculation between Alex and Milo gets so involved that the story gets twisted and makes the reader confused. The motivation of the real killer is bizarre and so far out there, that it is hard to believe that a psychologist can come up with this. The ending was very abrupt and leaves the reader with many unanswered questions. The book was a good read but his earlier novels are better.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Motor Mouth, Janet Evanovich

Evanovich has started a new series that stars Alexa Barnaby, Barney. If you are a fan of NASCAR, the story holds its own. Barney has a degree in engineering and loves tinkering with race cars. She belongs to the racing team as a spotter for Sam Hooker, the driver. Barney and Hooker had a relationship but after Hooker was caught cheating, things cool down. At the final race, Hooker was second and the winner was suspected of cheating electronically by Barney, but the NASCAR inspection team found no wrong doing on the Huevo car. Barney gets a call from Gobbles, a spotter for Huevo, who was locked in the Huevo 18 wheel hauler. He suspected wrong doing also. In trying to rescue him, Hooker and Barney end up stealing the hauler to get Gobbles free only to find a dead plastic wrapped Oscar Huevo. This leads to a humorous journey with Felicia and Rosia, friends of Barney, coming to the rescue. Beans, Hooker's St. Bernard, is a humorous addition to the story, along with Hooker's attempts to get Barney back in the sack. With several dead and the bad guys after Hooker and Barney, the journey leads them to the Carolina's and back to Miami. Humor is Evanovich's strong point,the mystery is weak, but Evanovich has produced a good story that keeps the pages turning.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Echo Park, Michael Connelly

"Echo Park" by Michael Connelly is the latest novel of Harry Bosch. It holds its own as a very good mystery and shows the quality writing of Connelly. In 1993 Bosch is given a case of a 22 year old equestrian who had disappeared at a local stables. Her car was found but no body was ever recovered. Bosch was able to come up with a suspect, the son of a wealthy oil tycoon, but had insufficient evidence to prosecute. Thirteen years later a serial killer was caught with body parts in his vehicle and to avoid the death penalty he pleas guilty to several murders including the Gesto case, the equestrian death. For many years Bosch looked at the file and wanted a closure of the case so her parents could have peace and the body for a decent burial. The confession was hard for Bosch to accept, it did not seem right. With the help of an old flame, an FBI profiler Rachael Waller, they come up with some angles that don't quite fit. The DA, Rich O'Shea, is seeking re-election and tries to use this case as publicity. Raynard Waits, the serial killer, leads a group of lawmen to the burial site of Gesto but escapes after killing two officers and disappears in the city. Bosch blames O'Shea for this, but the truth comes out and leads Bosch and Waller on a journey that proves to be a very exciting adventure. Connelly writes a great story that is a page turner and easy to read. Glad to see Bosch still active in these stories!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Frequent Flyer, Kinky Friedman

" Frequent Flyer" by Kinky Friedman is a mystery with humorous overtones. Kinky stars himself as an amateur detective in New York who smokes a cigar, loves cats and drinks espresso. Kinky gets a phone call to attend the funeral of an old buddy from the peace corp only to notice the dead man was not his friend. In NY, his sidekicks Ratso and Rambam help him uncover the mystery of his friend disappearing and get mixed up with a Nazi regime. It appears that the friend knew something that the Nazis did not want known. Kinky holds his own as a detective but ends up disclosing a lot about his past. The mystery gets solved, some what, and the off the wall statements throughout the story keep one interested to the end.

Kinky was a country western performer and a possible future governor of Texas, but took to writing novels instead. His one-liners and the humor give this author credence as a good writer.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Die Trying, Lee Child

"Die Trying" by Lee Child is a thriller that keeps you going throughout the book. Jack Reacher is walking down the sidewalk in Chicago when he helps a lovely lady who struggles to keep her balance when exiting a dry cleaners, only to have a gun pointed in his gut and ordered into the back of a car along with the lady. They were kidnapped! Holly Johnson is an FBI agent and the daughter of an Army General and the Joint Chief of Staff for the government, a likely candidate for a extremist militia group in Montana. Reacher was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but accepts the incident as fate. The two are handcuffed together and placed in a van which is the start of a journey filled with murder and violence. Reacher is an ex-military police with all the skills and knowledge to make him a very dangerous man to the enemy, and a friend to the good guys. After arriving in Montana, the leader of the militia, Beau Borken who was a psychotic villain, was going to use Holley as a barter to achieve his ways. But Reacher was there and proved to be more than Beau could handle. Child writes a very good thriller that lets the reader see how the FBI and the government let politics get in the way of right and wrong. This book is full of adventure and even some tender moments. I found the book interesting to say the least..

Friday, January 26, 2007

Three to get Deadly, Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter from Trenton, NJ. takes on her third story, "Three to get Deadly". She is given a case to apprehend Mo Bedemier, a local candy store owner in the Burg, who is loved by all. Stephanie did not want the case for Mo was a saint and not capable of wrong doing, but he was a FTA and it was her job to bring in the wanted. Things start out with Stephanie gathering info but turns into her finding murdered drug dealers. The theory was Mo turned into a vigilante, but the truth goes deeper. Evanovich has the reader laughing on every page, and includes Stephanie's old cop friend, Morelli and Ranger, bounty hunter extraordinaire, and Lula, a new employee at the agency, active throughout this story. The laughs keep one going but the mystery is weak. The humor overrides the mystery which leaves a very good book for one to digest...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Two for the Dough, Janet Evanovich

"Two for the Dough" is a funny story by Evanovich about Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter from Trenton, NJ. She is trying to apprehend Kenny Mancuso for shooting his friend in the knee but failed to appear for court. Stephanie thought this was going to be a simple apprehension, but it got more difficult when the friend was found dead from mulitble gunshot wounds to the head. Stephanie, joined by her grandmother Mazur, attend the viewing of the deceased at a mortuary run by Spiro, another friend of Kenny, and got another task of locating 24 caskets that were stolen from Spiro. Stephanie keeps running into her old friend Joe Morelli, cop on the vice squad in Trenton, and wonders why he has such interest in Kenny. Morelli said he was looking after family, for Kenny was his cousin, but Stephanie thought there was more. Stephanie was warned to stay off this case by receiving mutilated appendages from deceased at Spiro's mortuary. This only sparked anger in Stephanie!

Janet Evanovich writes a good and humorous story with a plot that thickens as you go along. The mystery holds its own right to the last page and the ending is good. Stephanie is a warm and loving family member and grandma Mazur plays a funny role in this story. This story is a fast read and easy to understand...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One for the Money, Janet Evanovich

"One for the Money" is the first book about Stephanie Plum from Trenton, NJ. Stephanie is out of work and down to her last dime and her Miata has been repossessed, but she is determined to stay independent. She goes to her cousin Vinnie for employment and becomes a bounty hunter. She new nothing about self defense and the apprehension of criminals but was desperate for the good money she could earn. Her first target was Joe Morelli, a cop on the force who was framed for a murder. He was also a high school flame of Steph who stole her canoli at age 16. There was history with these two! In searching for Morelli, Steph runs into a psychotic boxer Ramirez, who has threatened her with bodily harm and rape. Stephanie has brought in a couple FTA (fail to appear)so with her money she buys a weapon and other things she might need. With the threat from Ramirez, she learns to shoot and plans to take a self defence course. The pursuit of Morelli turns into a humorous onslaught of happenings that keep the story flowing right along. Evanovich keeps the reader laughing with spontaneous humor and a good story line. The mystery is good and unfolds as the story progresses, but the ending was the way I figured it would be. The story is easy to read and am looking forward to another episode, there are 12 in all, good series.

Friday, January 05, 2007

S for Silence, Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton is working her way through the alphabet which brings us to "S". S for Silence is a good story that has Lindsey Millhone, PI in Santa Teresa, investigating a 34 year old case of a disappearing woman. Violet Sulivan was a red headed beauty and fiery lady who had a reputation to have affairs with all men possible. She was married to Foley who had a temper and often beat Violet because of jealousy, leaving her with many bruises. The fourth of July in '53, Violet was to meet Foley at the local display of fire works, but she never showed up and disappeared with her new car, never to be seen since. 34 years later Daisy, her daughter wanted to find out what happened. She hires Linsey to investigate. Grafton incorporates flashbacks of the cold case with modern day sequels to keep the reader in focus of the events. With Violets scandalous reputation, there are many chacacters that are in question. Linsey finally finds Violet and her car in a grave that proved she did not leave but was murdered. One tries to figure out who the perp was, but Grafton holds her own in supplying mystery as who did it. The ending is abrupt and the perp was not my guess, but that is what makes Grafton a good author.