Saturday, April 21, 2007

The 5th Horseman, James Patterson

"The 5th Horseman" by Patterson is the 5th book about Lindsey Boxer and the Murder Club. Lindsey is a Lt. of the SFPD in homicide and gets invited to lunch with Yuki, the latest member of the club, and her mom, Keiko. The mom collapsed and was sent to the SF Municipal Hospital where she got good treatment and was in full recovery when she was given the wrong medicine and died. This was not the first death that the hospital experienced, there were many unexplained deaths. Someone was playing God and the hospital was being scrutinized for this. They end up in court for mal-practice case. Along with this, Lindsey is looking at several murders of young women. They were found dressed in expensive clothes and propped up in a nice car to look like a mannequin. With budget cuts and a shortage of help, Lindsey seeks help from her friends in the Murder Club. Also Lindsey is able to get enough evidence against the hospital to survey the problem.

Patterson has provided the reader with enough suspense to keep the interest going to the last page. Lindsey is the only character exploited and to get to know some of the other characters in the club would be nice. There is a surprising twist at the end that is unexpected. All in all the book is a good, fast read and well worth the time.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cross, James Patterson - Review and Video

"Cross" by Patterson is an Alex Cross novel. Patterson has done a wonderful job with this book setting the pace with a psychopath killer and mutilator known as the " Butcher" Michael Sullivan. Patterson starts the story with Alex and Maria living in love and harmony with two children, Damon and Jannie. Alex picked up Maria from work when she was fatally shot in his arms. Thirteen years later these memories are still vivid in his mind for this case was never closed.

Alex has given up hunting criminals and started a practice of psychology therapy, a wish of his grandmother and children. He enjoyed this life of leisure, playing the piano and showing his love and help for all. Alex was approached by his friend John Sampson, a detective for the DC police, to seek out a ruthless rapist and killer. He could not say no for there was a tie to the death of Maria. The Butcher continued to kill and Sampson and Alex were hot on his case.

Patterson is very graphic in the killings, but that helps make the story non-stop. The book is a fast read and the intense is felt on every page. Patterson is a great author and his short chapters make the reading fly.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Step On A Crack, James Patterson

Patterson has developed a new character in "Step on a Crack", Michael Bennet. I was apprehensive about some one new but the character holds his own as a compassionate, loving man and a dedicated person with his position as a detective on the NYPD. It is going to be a very hard Christmas for Mike because his wife Maeve is terminally ill with cancer and he has 10 adopted kids of different origin to look after.

A funeral was being held at St. Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan for a past presidents wife. The mourners were hijacked and held hostage by a dozen men who were well armed and well planned for this event. Mike is the negotiator and his calm talk got many freed. The ones left were famous and rich. The hijackers demands were several million dollars for each celebrity. The story bounces between the visits to Maeve in the hospital, care taking of the children at home and the hostage taking at St. Pats. Things turn ugly at the cathedral when a priest was murdered and thrown out front. Mike kept his cool but knew they were dealing with ruthless killers. The pace thickens and the hostage drama is played out in full detail.

Patterson has developed a good story with the tension of the hostage ordeal, the loving moments Mike spent with Maeve and the home life with his children. The book is easy to read, very gripping and impossible to put down. I am sure there will be more stories with Mike Bennet, NYPD.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The Hades Factor, Robert Ludlum

"The Hades Factor" by Ludlum is a thriller all the way. Dr. Jon Smith, Lt. Col. of the USA, works for USAMRIID(United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease) along with Dr. Sophia Russel, his fiancee. Jon is away in Europe and Sophia takes on the task of identifying a killer virus that has killed three people so far. Upon certain data from this virus, she consults Victor Tremont, Blanchard Pharmaceutical, who she met in Peru on a field trip thirteen years ago about the Monkey Blood virus that was discovered. Tremont played ignorant for he had great plans with the virus and Sophia could destroy all his work. He had to eliminate her so he could reap the world with his devious plan. Jon returns and finds Sophia dead, he is heart broken. Being warned not to pursue this matter, Jon sets out to do just that. Contacting his old high school computer genius, Marty, they find much and go for it. They are being sought after by Tremont and his Arab henchman, Al Hassad. Keeping one step ahead of these ruthless killers, they find out the depth of Tremont's plan and try to bring him down.

Ludlum and Lynds have produced a good thriller with action on every page. Money is the root of all evil, and sacrificing millions of people for greed is what this story is about. It is amazing what the thought of billions will do to certain people, but ones conscience seems to over power with good.