Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just One Look, Harlan Coben

Just One Look is a good thriller mystery by Coben. Grace Lawson picks up a roll of film developed by Photomat to find one picture out of place. It was an old photo of four people with one that looked like her husband. She asked Jack about the photo and he denied it was him. That night he disappeared. Grace holds her own as the main character and proceeds on her trek to locate her husband. The trek leads Grace back in time to an old rock concert she was at. When the concert was late, the crowd got rowdy and Grace was seriously hurt in the stampede of the crowd. 18 people died including the son of a crime lord, Vespa. With Vespas help, Grace continues the search and learns Eric Wu, martial art killer, has kidnapped Jack, but why? Jacks sister an attorney is also involved. The rock star and the perpetrator of the rampage are also pieces of the puzzle. The puzzle gets very complex, but Coben is able to piece it together leaving the reader satisfied. There are way to many characters in this story and it is very confusing to say the least. I found myself re-reading several accounts to make since of it. Despite the complexity of the story, I found it worth reading.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Dark Harbor, Stuart Woods

Dark Harbor by Stuart Woods is the twelfth Stone Barrington novel. Stone is a lawyer in New York and just received a will from his second cousin Dick Stone, who bequeathed him his estate on the island of Dark Harbor, Maine. Dick made Stone the executor of the will so Stone went to Dark Harbor to take care of the legalities. Dick's death looked like a murder suicide as the local sheriff said, but upon further investigation Stone found many loop holes in the theory. Stone was accompanied to Dark Harbor with his long time friend Dino Bachetti, Lt. NYPD, and Lance Cabot of the CIA and Holly Barker, Stones lover. With further probing into the deaths, more deaths happen. There is a serial killer on the lose. There were two theories about the killings, but little evidence to bring a conclusion. Holly was kidnapped and held for several days by the killers, she was able to bargain for her life and got away. By now Stone was certain about the killers which leads to an exciting conclusion. Stone was never in any real danger but the story is put together well and Woods leaves us with another adventure worth reading.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Ricochet, Sandra Brown

Brown has written a good story with Ricochet, a romantic thriller that leads the reader on a twisted plot full of suspense. Savich, a Savannah crime lord, was on trial for murder when a mistrial was declared by the judge. Savich was above the law. Duncan Hatcher, homicide detective for the Savannah police, who has been after Savich for some time, was appalled by the judges decision and spent two days in jail for contempt for telling the judge off. Attending an awards ceremony with DeeDee, Duncans partner, he met a beautiful lady that made his heart flutter with lust. This lady was the judges wife, Elise. A few days later, Duncan and DeeDee are called to the residence of Judge Lairds to investigate a self defense homicide. Elise had shot an intruder. Duncan was not satisfied with the murder statistics and wanted to follow it up with more questions. One thing leads to another and Elise has a private meeting with Duncan to explain that the judge is trying to kill her. To win Duncan over, Elise uses lust to win his heart. Elise ends up missing. Savich and Laird are behind her disappearance but Duncan and DeeDee are on the case and come up with a lead. The lead comes to a conclusion. Brown leads the reader on a very suspenseful romantic thriller that keeps the pages turning and the plot twists but the ending is great!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Face of Deception, Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor who sculpts faces from skulls in hope to identify them so there can be a closure of the case. After losing her daughter to a serial killer and not knowing the where abouts of the body, she chooses this career to satisfy her obsession of finding her daughter's bones. Eve is the best forensic sculptor around and chooses young kids for her job. Eve is approached by John Logan, a software billion air, to sculpt the skull of a man. Eve is not interested but is persuaded to do this job for a substantial sum of money that will go towards a fund for missing children. Logan neglects to tell her that there are some very powerful political people that don't want her to do the job. Eve is put out by Logan's deception, but continues sculpting the skull until the truth is out. Eve and Logan have uncovered a dark secret that might get them killed. They are able to stay one step ahead of the relentless pursuers, gathering DNA evidence to bring this to an end. Johansen has led the reader on a plot that only thickens and Eve and Logan have joined thinking to bring it to an end. The suspense is strong and the finale is awesome. Iris is still the queen of suspense.