Saturday, February 24, 2007

Motor Mouth, Janet Evanovich

Evanovich has started a new series that stars Alexa Barnaby, Barney. If you are a fan of NASCAR, the story holds its own. Barney has a degree in engineering and loves tinkering with race cars. She belongs to the racing team as a spotter for Sam Hooker, the driver. Barney and Hooker had a relationship but after Hooker was caught cheating, things cool down. At the final race, Hooker was second and the winner was suspected of cheating electronically by Barney, but the NASCAR inspection team found no wrong doing on the Huevo car. Barney gets a call from Gobbles, a spotter for Huevo, who was locked in the Huevo 18 wheel hauler. He suspected wrong doing also. In trying to rescue him, Hooker and Barney end up stealing the hauler to get Gobbles free only to find a dead plastic wrapped Oscar Huevo. This leads to a humorous journey with Felicia and Rosia, friends of Barney, coming to the rescue. Beans, Hooker's St. Bernard, is a humorous addition to the story, along with Hooker's attempts to get Barney back in the sack. With several dead and the bad guys after Hooker and Barney, the journey leads them to the Carolina's and back to Miami. Humor is Evanovich's strong point,the mystery is weak, but Evanovich has produced a good story that keeps the pages turning.

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