Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Murder Book, Jonathan Kellerman

"The Murder Book" by Kellerman is a top rate mystery. Milo, Alex's sidekick from the LAPD is regarded in the first person which broadens the scope of this man, brings him into focus along with Alex (who is a danger junky). The two make a good investigating duo, with psychology and good detective work together.

Alex receives a package in the mail of a murder book full of detailed, gruesome photos
of unsolved homicides. He shared the book with Milo and to their discovery one homicide case was one of the first cases of Milo when he was a rookie on the force. Milo was teamed up with Schwinn at the time and he did not confide in Milo. Schwinn was forced into early retirement and Milo was transferred off the case. The case was still active after twenty years and the murder book brought it back. The mystery begins! Alex and Milo gather much evidence and found that the wealthy and politics(the chief of police) had a big role in the case. Kellerman does a fine job in keeping the reader alert and focused on the story. It is a page turner that Kellerman does well, letting the reader know that he is a master author when it comes to mystery. There is no need to start from the beginning of the series, this book stands alone. Very much recommended!