Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sudden Mischief, Robert Parker

"Sudden Mischief" by Robert Parker is a Spenser detective mystery. Parker writes a smooth prose that is in the first person, this makes the reader feel like part of the story. The chapters are short and contain good humor. Parker is descriptive with his characters looks and the setting of the scenes. The reading goes fast and is very easy to understand.

Spenser is a private detective in Boston and while having a drink with his lover, Susan, she asks him to help her x-husband. Brad Sterling, her x, is being sued for sexual harassment and is desperate for her help. Spenser agrees, and starts investigating. Sterling was the man behind a fund raising benefit, Galapalooza, that was successful and even got praise from the President. This is where the harassment case allegedly took place. With the success of the event, the charity recipients got no funds. Something is not right! Sterling disappears after a dead body was found in his office. Spenser was searching the clues and discovered that the fund raiser was not legitimate. Sterling was using the charity as a front for some criminal activities, money laundering and embezzlement.

With murder and other shady activities, Spenser tells Susan what he came up with. Spenser once again proves himself as detective, friend, lover, and human being as Sterling's reappearance forces Susan to examine her past and her conscience. Spenser must do the same and realizes this to will pass.

Parker has written a good mystery, with love, friendship, humor and violence. This is the 25 series with Spenser and he dose not seem to get older, but he does get wiser.

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