Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hour Game, David Baldacci

Baldacci writes a very in depth account of a serial killer's motives. In the small town of Wrightsburg, Virginia, a serial killer strikes hard and fast. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have a partnership in a Private Investigating team and they were asked to investigate a burglary at a millionaires estate of Bobby Battles. In defending Junior Deavers for the burglary, Michelle runs into a nude woman dead in the forest. This was the first killing of a serial maniac. It was replicated like the Zodiac killer of San Francisco. After a couple more deaths by this killer, the chief of police Williams makes Sean and Michelle deputies to help with the killings. The investigation of the burglary continues and so do the killings. Sean sees a connection with the burglary and the killings and starts coming up with answers to this bizarre situation. Remmy Battle, the wife of Bobby, was very adamant about the burglary and wanted Junior prosecuted. This caused Sean to think even more about the happenings and he comes up with the truth. It is very complicated but Baldacci puts it all together in a fine story. I would rate it as a four star book.......

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