Sunday, July 30, 2006

Patent to Kill, April Christofferson

Dr. Jake Scully and his wife Anna were doctor's in Nogales, Mexico. Jakes wife ends up dead under mysterious circumstances, it was supposed to be a suicide. Jake was asked to work in Seattle, Washington, with a pharmaceutical company that Anna was against. One of their sons became blind and Jake was doing research on this blindness, he held a patent on the beginning stages of this condition.
Asahel was a lawyer for Gen-Chrom, a pharmaceutical company that her father owned. Before her employment she was an activist against these corporate giants, because of their Biopiracy: the theft of healing secrets of native tribes to exploit them and make large profits on the patent to cure. Her father hired her to keep an eye on her.
Dr Jake Scully accepts the job with the pharmaceutical company and went to Brazil to go up the Amazon in search for the missing gene that was needed for this blindness. He begins his journey, only to find out things were not right. Asahel receives some very disturbing information and goes to the Amazon herself. She meets up with Jake by accident, Jake saves her life and they confide in each other to unravel the mystery. They proceed with the journey up the Amazon, that turns into a real adventure with death and mayhem. Christofferson puts together a real good story that ends up in Seattle with the truth of the matter, coming together with a good ending.

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