Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lifeguard, Patterson & Gross

In the book Lifeguard, Ned Kelly was the main chacter. He was a part time lifeguard and caretaker of a wealthy man's estate, Sole Roth. While lifeguarding on the beach at Palm Beach, Florida, Ned meets a beautiful Aussie, Tess. After several dates, he ends up in bed with her and felt love knocking at his heart. Ned had an illegal opportunity to earn some money, all he had to do was set off some alarms around town to create confusion so his buddies could steal some art at an estate. All hell broke loose, his buddies were all killed and Tess was dead also. Ned was the suspect so he left Florida and headed to his folks place near Boston.

Ellie, a special agent for the FBI, held a degree in fine art and went to the estate where the art was stolen to talk to the owner, Dennis Stratton. Ellie was in charge of the case, but she did not feel right about the whole thing.

The authorities traced Ned to Brockton. Ellie flew up there to make the arrest, finding Ned at his mom's place. They tried to apprehend him but he got the upper hand and escaped with Ellie as a hostage. Ned let Ellie go after telling her what he did, only set off a few alarms. Ellie knew something was wrong with the investigation, something was not right

Ned makes his way back to Palm Beach and seeks help from a friend, Geoff. Geoff was an Australian motorcycle champ with a small shop at the beach. Geoff says "you are wanted for murder and grand theft" but he was there to help out a good friend. Geoffs motorcycle skill came in real handy when Ellie and Ned apprehended Statton's wife to find out more of the boggled robbery. They were leaving the area when Stattons men came after Ned and Geoff. They were on a Ducati and Strattons men were in a hummer. A wild chase takes place with the cycle in front, they get away. Ellie was sure Stratton was guilty and all she had to do was get some evidence to put him away. This leads to an exciting confrontation with Stratton and the FBI. Only Patterson can write a good ending that brings tears to your eyes and joy to the heart.

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