Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Long After Midnight, Iris Johansen

Long After Midnight is a story about Kate Denby, a genetic researcher who is about to develop a medical breakthrough to rid the world of lethal diseases. Her research is matched by Noah Smith's revolutionized RU2, a miracle drug that will eliminated cancer and AIDS and many other diseases. Noah needs Kate's studies to bring his drug into focus. Noah contacts Kate for her help, but she refuses. After a big explosion at Noah's plant and a plot to kill Kate, did Kate agree to help Noah. Noah got the help of his long time friend Seth Drakin to be the bodyguard for her son and mother-in-law while Noah and Kate worked on the drug. Kate is being stalked by Ishmaru, an Indian assassin, to kill her so the breakthrough does not happen. Ishmaru has other reasons to kill Kate, he wants a coup. He believes Kate is a re-incarnated spirit that he dealt with in the past. The drug is developed but getting it approved is a challenge that ends up being a political standstill. Johansen writes a suspenseful thriller that leads the reader into the realm of the real world, with big business and government doing their best to control the situation. Johansen is known for her romantic overtones and Seth and Kate have an ongoing affair that keeps the reader alert and stimulated. The ending is great which leads Kate to fight off Ishmaru.

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