Friday, January 05, 2007

S for Silence, Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton is working her way through the alphabet which brings us to "S". S for Silence is a good story that has Lindsey Millhone, PI in Santa Teresa, investigating a 34 year old case of a disappearing woman. Violet Sulivan was a red headed beauty and fiery lady who had a reputation to have affairs with all men possible. She was married to Foley who had a temper and often beat Violet because of jealousy, leaving her with many bruises. The fourth of July in '53, Violet was to meet Foley at the local display of fire works, but she never showed up and disappeared with her new car, never to be seen since. 34 years later Daisy, her daughter wanted to find out what happened. She hires Linsey to investigate. Grafton incorporates flashbacks of the cold case with modern day sequels to keep the reader in focus of the events. With Violets scandalous reputation, there are many chacacters that are in question. Linsey finally finds Violet and her car in a grave that proved she did not leave but was murdered. One tries to figure out who the perp was, but Grafton holds her own in supplying mystery as who did it. The ending is abrupt and the perp was not my guess, but that is what makes Grafton a good author.

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