Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One for the Money, Janet Evanovich

"One for the Money" is the first book about Stephanie Plum from Trenton, NJ. Stephanie is out of work and down to her last dime and her Miata has been repossessed, but she is determined to stay independent. She goes to her cousin Vinnie for employment and becomes a bounty hunter. She new nothing about self defense and the apprehension of criminals but was desperate for the good money she could earn. Her first target was Joe Morelli, a cop on the force who was framed for a murder. He was also a high school flame of Steph who stole her canoli at age 16. There was history with these two! In searching for Morelli, Steph runs into a psychotic boxer Ramirez, who has threatened her with bodily harm and rape. Stephanie has brought in a couple FTA (fail to appear)so with her money she buys a weapon and other things she might need. With the threat from Ramirez, she learns to shoot and plans to take a self defence course. The pursuit of Morelli turns into a humorous onslaught of happenings that keep the story flowing right along. Evanovich keeps the reader laughing with spontaneous humor and a good story line. The mystery is good and unfolds as the story progresses, but the ending was the way I figured it would be. The story is easy to read and am looking forward to another episode, there are 12 in all, good series.

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