Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Step On A Crack, James Patterson

Patterson has developed a new character in "Step on a Crack", Michael Bennet. I was apprehensive about some one new but the character holds his own as a compassionate, loving man and a dedicated person with his position as a detective on the NYPD. It is going to be a very hard Christmas for Mike because his wife Maeve is terminally ill with cancer and he has 10 adopted kids of different origin to look after.

A funeral was being held at St. Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan for a past presidents wife. The mourners were hijacked and held hostage by a dozen men who were well armed and well planned for this event. Mike is the negotiator and his calm talk got many freed. The ones left were famous and rich. The hijackers demands were several million dollars for each celebrity. The story bounces between the visits to Maeve in the hospital, care taking of the children at home and the hostage taking at St. Pats. Things turn ugly at the cathedral when a priest was murdered and thrown out front. Mike kept his cool but knew they were dealing with ruthless killers. The pace thickens and the hostage drama is played out in full detail.

Patterson has developed a good story with the tension of the hostage ordeal, the loving moments Mike spent with Maeve and the home life with his children. The book is easy to read, very gripping and impossible to put down. I am sure there will be more stories with Mike Bennet, NYPD.