Monday, April 16, 2007

Cross, James Patterson - Review and Video

"Cross" by Patterson is an Alex Cross novel. Patterson has done a wonderful job with this book setting the pace with a psychopath killer and mutilator known as the " Butcher" Michael Sullivan. Patterson starts the story with Alex and Maria living in love and harmony with two children, Damon and Jannie. Alex picked up Maria from work when she was fatally shot in his arms. Thirteen years later these memories are still vivid in his mind for this case was never closed.

Alex has given up hunting criminals and started a practice of psychology therapy, a wish of his grandmother and children. He enjoyed this life of leisure, playing the piano and showing his love and help for all. Alex was approached by his friend John Sampson, a detective for the DC police, to seek out a ruthless rapist and killer. He could not say no for there was a tie to the death of Maria. The Butcher continued to kill and Sampson and Alex were hot on his case.

Patterson is very graphic in the killings, but that helps make the story non-stop. The book is a fast read and the intense is felt on every page. Patterson is a great author and his short chapters make the reading fly.