Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Black Market, James Patterson-Book Review

"Black Market" by James Patterson is an older novel that is copyrighted in 1986. It is a story about terrorism, which we did not think possible in our nation until 9-11 happened in New York. We are vulnerable! Arch Carrol is an expert on terrorism and works for the government. The terrorist attack Wall Street and make off with billions of dollars, they were going to cripple the economy world wide. The terrorist were called Green Band. Carrol was on top of the info about Green Band and starts his investigation. There was not much to investigate. Patterson has the reader focusing on terror, big government, and world wide involvement. Only Patterson can write a story of this caliber and keep the interest up in a page turning novel. The ending is great and Patterson has the reader guessing who was involved. Very easy to read and hard to put down.

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dlfinnan said...

I jus finished the book, "Black Market," and wondered did Patterson fall asleep on his computer for the ending? The book was great, but the ending leaves much to be desired. Could hav done better. I was very disappointed.