Friday, August 17, 2007

Twisted, Jonathan Kellerman - Book Review

"Twisted" by Jonathan Kellerman is a great suspense thriller that keeps one going through the end. Petra Conner is a lady detective with the LAPD. She has been in a past novel with Alex Delaware but takes the stage in this story. Petra is called out to investigate a drive by shooting that left 4 teens dead. There is one victim that stands out, a Jane doe, no one has identified her. This is the way for Petra to work the case. This is a subplot in the story, the main plot centers around a genius intern that works for LAPD. He discovered through statistics that on June 28 for six years some one was bludgeoned to death. The similarities were more than coincidental. One twisted killer. With two cases on her plate, Petra is busy trying to stay on top.

Kellerman has delivered a good character in Petra. She is very interesting, has a love life and is just a like able lady. The plots are good, and the procedures for solving these cases are just. His use of the genius intern, Isaac Gomez, is a good way to introduce a future character, which will probably surface in new books. There is a little love, excitement and joy in this book, and the mystery is with you through out. Good book.

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