Monday, September 03, 2007

Grandmother Spider, James Doss-Book Review

"Grandmother Spider" by James Doss is a mystical thriller full of suspense. Starts with nine year old Sarah Frank killing a spider and Daisy Perika, her guardian, tells her that the big grandmother spider will come from her home under the water of Navajo Lake and take revenge. The spider is huge and kills his pray by decapitating them, sucking the blood out of them and putting them high in a tree for future consumption. That night Daniel Bignight is called to the shore of Navajo Lake because an unusual orange light was spotted. In awe Bignight sees a huge shape in the sky, with legs dangling down and tangled in one is Tommy Tonompicket. The thing floats north in the wind and out of sight. Many calls come in to SUPD seeing this thing in the sky. Grandmother Spider is out and on the prowl!

Charlie Moon is the acting chief for the SUPD and is more realistic about what happened. On the shore of Navajo Lake there were two trucks and no occupants. The trucks are owned by Tommy Tonompicket and Dr. Pizinski. Pizinski works for RMAFS (Rocky Mountain Advanced Flight Systems). The RMAFS does work for the Air Force and is very secret about their activities. A couple days later Tommy is found in a tree and Pizinski was found wandering in the forest. They were put in the hospital but neither one had memory of the incident.

SPOILER: Charlie Moon was very skeptical about the spider myth and did his own investigating. With murder and mayhem, a lawyer was decapitated, Charlie comes up with the truth. The episode was produced by the launching of a hot air balloon in the shape of an octopus. Tommy and Pizinski floated north in the balloon and hit the roof of a lawyer which caused a sheet of ice to slide down the structure and decapitate him. Tommy was thrown from the gondola and landed in a tree, so there was a vengeful side, kill Pizinsky. Doss has done a good job with the mystical spider and the episode of the following events. A very good story that shows Doss is a knowledgeable person of the Ute myths. This book is worth reading, with suspense through out. The ending is a dream come true with Doss showing the reader tranquility and bliss.

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