Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lean Mean Thirteen, Janet Evanovich-Book Review

Bouncy and perky Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter from Trenton, is in perfect form with this funny mystery. In "Lean Mean Thirteen" Stephanie is busy apprehending FTA's and trying to prove her innocence. She had an altercation with her X-two timing husband, Dickie Orr. He ended up missing with blood and bullet holes in his residence, Steph was the suspect. This leads to a search for Dickie, but Steph is not the only one looking for him. With Joe Morelli, her on and off again Trenton cop boy friend, on a special job, Ranger is looking after Stephanie. She is a handful with trying to get her FTA's and her living the life she does with family ties and just good friends. Dickie was tied to a firm of shady men who were into drug running and money laundering. Dickie overheard the plan to get rid of him , take the millions and flee the country, but Dickie was able to divert the money. His cohorts thought Steph knew all and started to go after her. Evanovich has Stephanie apprehending FTA's, escaping from the bad and trying to live a peaceful life. Is Stephanie ever going to grow up? One should learn from past experiences, but that is what puts the humor in the stories.

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