Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hundred Dollar Baby, Robert Parker Book Review

"Hundred Dollar Baby" by Robert Parker is a Spenser detective thriller in Boston. Spenser is approached by April Kyle, an old friend who he saved from the streets and introduced her to a madam of a high class brothel in NY. Utley taught April the whore business. April started her own brothel and was faced with some strong armed men trying to ruin her business. April tells Spenser and he got involved ridding her of this problem, but he thought she was not telling the truth about things. Further probing proved him right. April was trying to develop a franchise of nation wide brothels, catering to the well to do man called "Dreamgirl". In order to do this, she needed funding. Her search led to several murders and the truth finally surfacing in the end.

Parker has produced a good suspenseful thriller where Spenser is in top form as a detective and a friend, but the friendship was not for real. Spenser learns the hard way but resumes his lifestyle as a good man, compassionate, carrying with humor and love.

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