Monday, November 05, 2007

Son of a Wanted Man, Louis L 'Amour Book Review

"Son of a Wanted Man" by L'Amour is a western story in the late 1800 that takes place in Utah and the 3 neighboring states.(Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado). L'Amour is great for the geographical realism and the facts about the development of law and order. The true facts are blended into the story, giving a real feeling of it happening that way.

Ben Curry was a big man, wise and intelligent. He was a wanted man! Ben was the brains behind an outlaw gang and by keeping a low profile, he was unknown with the law. Not having a son, he adopted a foster boy in hope that he may take over his gang. Mike Bastian learned scouting, tracking, the use of a gun and physical self defence,(fighting). Mike excelled in all and Ben decided the time was here for him to become the head man. Some gang members did not like the idea of Mike being in charge and captured him to use as leverage to get Ben. The gang was unsuccessful in capturing Ben and Mike was able to escape his bondage. There were two jobs, robing a train loaded with gold and a bank robbery at a small town bank. Bordan Chantry, the law, got wind of these activities and was waiting in ambush. Mike was off to another ranch that Ben owned to save Ben's daughters from some gang members that wanted the cattle. The confrontation of the gang and Mike, ended where one gang member was killed, but the other kidnapped Ben's daughter and fled into the wilderness. With Mike's tracking skill, he went after her with the other daughter at his side and was successful in finding her and killing her capture.

Louis L'Amour was French-Irish and at 15 he took off to explore the world. He did many things, but writing was his life long desire. He had 350 stories rejected before His writing was excepted. In 1984 he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Reagan. Louis L'Amour died in 1988 leaving a legacy of literary knowledge in the pages of his stories.

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