Tuesday, June 20, 2006

London Bridges, James Patterson

The tenth Alex Cross novel sets the pace with the weasel, Geoffrey Shafer, living in Brazil killing prostitutes as he did in America. He is captured by the Wolf, an x-KGB man who had a run in with Cross in the states (Big Bad Wolf). The wolf and the weasel team up together to hold the world hostage with nuclear destruction. First they blow up a small town in Nevada and several more towns around the world to show what they can do. They confront the president of the USA with an ultimatum of blowing up New York, Washington DC, Paris and England for ransom. Alex Cross is in the FBI and has a personal history with these criminals, so he takes the case on with vigor. Alex goes after these criminals, traveling throughout Europe and England and back to the states. Very good ending that is unexpected. Yea Alex Cross!!!

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