Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mind Game, by Christine Feehan

This book starts off with a doctor Whitney who adopts children from orphanges with extreme mind power . Doing many experiments with these children he developes their mind power and uses them for his gain. The main character in this book is Dahlia, her power is so great that she can't control it. She is exiled to a sanitarium in the swamps of the Louisiana bayou. Dr. Whitney dies and his daughter Lily takes on the task to find these extraordinary people. Lily sends Nicolas Trevane to rescue her, he is a ghost walker. After a huge fire storm where the sanatarium is destroyed, Dahlia is rescued by Nicolas. Because of the mind powers of these ghost walkers, they are able to do amacing things like telepathy and ESP. Nicolas sucessfully gets her out of the bayou and starts a journey to find reality. The book is action packed and very interesting!!!

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