Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One Shot by Lee Child ( Jack Reacher novel)

Lee Child has done a wonderful job on this novel. Starts off with an old army sniper that was accused of a sniper attack on innocent people in Indiana, killing 5. James Barr is accused and arrested and interrogated by Emerson, a detective on the police force. Emerson was only able to get a couple statements from Barr saying "they got the wrong guy" and he wanted to see "Jack Reacher". Reacher saw the newscast in Miami while staying with a lady, and had to go to Indiana to find out the truth. After arriving in Indiana, his first stop was at the DA's office to see how strong the case was against Barr. It was rock solid with forensic evidence. This started Reacher on gathering his own statistics. It becomes a wild case that drew Reacher in more. The story is full of adventure and action. Reacher is the best in all he does and the ending is unpredictable. Good novel and I am looking forward to the next Reacher adventure.

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