Friday, August 04, 2006

Split Second, David Baldacci

In the book "Split Second" Sean King was a Secret Service agent to protect presidents and other political elected officials from harm. He was protecting a candidate for president, Cylde Ritter at the Fairmount Hotel, when for a split second he looked the other way and Ritter was killed. This was Seans down fall from the Secret Service.

Eight years later, Michelle Maxwell was an agent for the Service when her protectee was kidnapped in a funeral home right under her nose. There was a murder at Kings law office, making national attention. Michelle saw the newscast and wanted to know this man who was tainted, as she was, and compare facts. Sean did not know Michelle, but because of the similarities in their downfall, they became friends.

Another murder of one of Sean's clients makes Sean a suspect, so Michelle and Sean start piecing the facts together and find a common thread to the two incidents of the kidnapping and the assassination of Ritter.

Seans old lover, Joan Dillinger has a very successful investigating firm. She also worked for the Service, but went out on her own. She hired Sean to help with the kidnapping case of Bruno. The plot thickens and the ending is very dramatic. Baldacci makes a good story but it is kind of week in action

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