Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Camel Club, David Baldacci

Baldacci is a good story telling author and with "The Camel Club" he has the reader focusing on several plots in one story. The Camel Club is sort of a conspiracy watchdog organization that looks at problems in our government. It is run by four misfit men, the leader is Oliver Stone, assumed name. The group witnessed the murder of a Secret Service agent on Roosevelt Island in the Potomac river. This is the beginning of a nightmare. Baldacci includes terrorists, government officials and the President of the USA to keep the reader alert. There are many subplots that should not be over looked. Baldacci goes into depth as to the way the Muslims think, the freedom that the Americans have and the aggression of democracy in the Arab world by the US. This all leads to some kidnappers who force the US to threaten Damascus with a nuclear missile. A lot of facts and history are the way Baldacci keeps the reader focused on the truth. The Camel Club, with two new members lives on to another story.

The Camel Club (Unabridged)

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