Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Twelfth Card, Jeffery Deaver - Review and Video

The Twelfth Card is a Lincoln Rhyme novel that is packed with suspense. Lincoln Rhyme is a forensic expert confined to a wheelchair, but still has a very active mind in criminology. His side kick, Amelia Sacks, is his legs for walking the crime scene. They make a good team! A sixteen year old Harlem high school student is doing a research paper on a past relative of hers that was a slave. His master freed him and gave him an apple orchard of five acres in New York. The research led to an assassin going after her. Why is she the target? Lincoln is trying to find that out with the clues he has. There were several attempts on Geneva’s life but she managed to elude the killer. More clues were gathered after each attempt but they all led in different directions. Deaver has produced an excellent forensic criminologist in Rhyme and it is amazing how he can take a microscopic piece of evidence and come up with the direction to go. The book starts off with suspense and ends with suspense. A very good book with a good ending..

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