Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Without Mercy, Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins has written a great story in "Without Mercy". In the previous book "Dark Justice" Ferguson, top intelligent agent for the British and Dillon, former IRA enforcer, has just killed Belov, Russian billionaire in oil, who supported all terrorism. Some of Belov's agents who were supposed to have died in the shoot out survived and wanted revenge against Ferguson and his band of spies. Hannah Bernstein, a special branch detective dies in the assassination of Belov and Sean takes it on very seriously. He is not fond of coppers but holds a special warmth in his heart for Hannah. He is very hurt and feels guilty. President Putin of Russia wanted the Belov assets for their country so he sends Igor Levin, Russian super agent, to Britain to see things through. This leads to a chase throughout western Europe with shoot outs and danger.

Higgins has his characters traveling to Ibiza and to the Algerian coast and back to Britain, with trips to Belfast. All of the characters are excellent shots and the shoot outs are exciting. Higgins holds your interest together well although the plotting is very simple and the final shoot out leaves the reader wondering what is up next... It is a good thriller!

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