Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Face of Deception, Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor who sculpts faces from skulls in hope to identify them so there can be a closure of the case. After losing her daughter to a serial killer and not knowing the where abouts of the body, she chooses this career to satisfy her obsession of finding her daughter's bones. Eve is the best forensic sculptor around and chooses young kids for her job. Eve is approached by John Logan, a software billion air, to sculpt the skull of a man. Eve is not interested but is persuaded to do this job for a substantial sum of money that will go towards a fund for missing children. Logan neglects to tell her that there are some very powerful political people that don't want her to do the job. Eve is put out by Logan's deception, but continues sculpting the skull until the truth is out. Eve and Logan have uncovered a dark secret that might get them killed. They are able to stay one step ahead of the relentless pursuers, gathering DNA evidence to bring this to an end. Johansen has led the reader on a plot that only thickens and Eve and Logan have joined thinking to bring it to an end. The suspense is strong and the finale is awesome. Iris is still the queen of suspense.

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