Friday, November 17, 2006

Ricochet, Sandra Brown

Brown has written a good story with Ricochet, a romantic thriller that leads the reader on a twisted plot full of suspense. Savich, a Savannah crime lord, was on trial for murder when a mistrial was declared by the judge. Savich was above the law. Duncan Hatcher, homicide detective for the Savannah police, who has been after Savich for some time, was appalled by the judges decision and spent two days in jail for contempt for telling the judge off. Attending an awards ceremony with DeeDee, Duncans partner, he met a beautiful lady that made his heart flutter with lust. This lady was the judges wife, Elise. A few days later, Duncan and DeeDee are called to the residence of Judge Lairds to investigate a self defense homicide. Elise had shot an intruder. Duncan was not satisfied with the murder statistics and wanted to follow it up with more questions. One thing leads to another and Elise has a private meeting with Duncan to explain that the judge is trying to kill her. To win Duncan over, Elise uses lust to win his heart. Elise ends up missing. Savich and Laird are behind her disappearance but Duncan and DeeDee are on the case and come up with a lead. The lead comes to a conclusion. Brown leads the reader on a very suspenseful romantic thriller that keeps the pages turning and the plot twists but the ending is great!

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