Friday, November 24, 2006

Dark Harbor, Stuart Woods

Dark Harbor by Stuart Woods is the twelfth Stone Barrington novel. Stone is a lawyer in New York and just received a will from his second cousin Dick Stone, who bequeathed him his estate on the island of Dark Harbor, Maine. Dick made Stone the executor of the will so Stone went to Dark Harbor to take care of the legalities. Dick's death looked like a murder suicide as the local sheriff said, but upon further investigation Stone found many loop holes in the theory. Stone was accompanied to Dark Harbor with his long time friend Dino Bachetti, Lt. NYPD, and Lance Cabot of the CIA and Holly Barker, Stones lover. With further probing into the deaths, more deaths happen. There is a serial killer on the lose. There were two theories about the killings, but little evidence to bring a conclusion. Holly was kidnapped and held for several days by the killers, she was able to bargain for her life and got away. By now Stone was certain about the killers which leads to an exciting conclusion. Stone was never in any real danger but the story is put together well and Woods leaves us with another adventure worth reading.

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