Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blood Shot, Sara Paretsky

Blood Shot is an older novel that is copyright in 1988. Paretsky has a main character of V.I Warshawski, a lawyer and P.I in Chicago. Victoria meets up with an old friend from her childhood days, Caroline, to help find her birth father. The mother and her maternal grandparents don't want to disclose the truth. Caroline's mom is on her death bed at age 42 due to her work at a chemical company. The doctor was falsifying records so the company could continue to run. The search for the father turns into a battle that leaves one dead and many un-answered questions. Warshawski is an independent lady who stands her ground and almost died from this search. Paretsky takes the reader on a ride of insurance fraud to big business and mobster connections that keeps the reader on full alert. The mystery and suspense is very full filling with an ending that is very exciting.

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