Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Therapy, Jonathan Kellerman

"Therapy" by Kellerman is an Alex Delaware novel. Kellerman is very descriptive in his details of what a character wares and the setting of a location. It is this detail that makes the story flow and keeps the reader interested to the finish.

Alex is asked by Milo to investigate a murder of a young man and his date that were found shot in the head as they were parked making out. They were left in a sexual position. Another murder of a well known psychologist, who was treating the first murdered victim, Gavin Quick, brings the story closer to the truth. There are sexual overtones in this killing. They are connected. As the story proceeds there are many theories that tie this novel together.

Alex assumes and Milo puts the assumptions together with his gift of good detection. The two of them amass much evidence that leads them on the right path. The ending is quite exciting but leaves many questions unanswered.

Kellerrman has done a good job with this book, taking one on a journey of suspense, discovery and insight. I found the book worth reading.