Monday, May 07, 2007

Palindrome, Stuart Woods

"Palindrome" by Stuart Woods is a great thriller full of suspense, a page turner. A palindrome is a literary device-a word, or sentence that reads the same forward and backwards. Exactly the same. Twins are palindromic.

Liz Barwick was nearly beaten to death by her husband, who was a pro-football player for the Georgia "Bobcats". He was out of control with steroids and drugs. Liz finds seclusion on Cumberland Island, south part of the coast of Georgia, for recuperating and taking photos for a book she is writing. On the island she becomes good friends with the Drummonds, who own the island, especially one of the twins. Things are peaceful until Liz hears that her lawyer and publisher died. Liz suspects that her "x" did this and is after her. Liz confides in Keir, the twin she is attracted to, and is reassured that it will be alright. The drama is very ongoing with death, love and sentimentality. Stuart Woods wrote a good novel, even though it is 15 years old, I found the second reading as though it was the first.