Sunday, August 13, 2006

4TH of July, James Patterson

Lindsay Boxer is the main character in "4th of July". She is a lieutenant in the San Francisco police department. She was called to a homicide in a poor part of town. A teen was found dead in a bath with a toaster in the water, electrocuted. On the door were two words,"NOBODY CARES". A black late model Mercedes was seen leaving the scene, their only clue.

A week later Lindsay was off duty, meeting her friends for a drink and dinner at their favorite hang out. She gets a call from her partner, Jacobi that the Mercedes was spotted. They went out looking for the car and spotted it and started to pull it over when the Mercedes sped off at speeds over 70. The Mercedes crashed and Boxer and Jacobi approached the car with their guns drawn. The driver was about 15 and the passenger was 13. When the air bags went off, it pinned them in the car, they were bloody so Lindsay and Jacobi holstered their weapons to render aid. With the kids safely out of the car, the driver pulls a gun out and shoots Lindsay and the passenger shoots Jacobi. Lindsay fires back killing the girl and putting the other on the ground. This starts a civil suit of 50 million dollars for wrongful death that will ruin Lindsay's life.

While on leave from the department she goes south to Half Moon Bay to stay in her sisters house while her sister was away. With the trial heavy on her mind, she is confronted with several murders. To keep her mind off the trial, she starts to investigate the murders. The murderers scope out Lindsay, she was next. Patterson and Paetro write a very good story with surprises at the end that will baffle you. Great book!!!

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