Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Broken Prey, John Sandford

The main chacter is Lucas Davenport in "Broken Prey. He worked for the BCA, Bureau Criminal Apprehension for the state of Minnesota. Lucas received an I-Pod from his wife while she was away in England on a study program. Lucas was figuring the best 100 rock songs to put on it when he gets a call from Sloan, his long time friend. The call was about a lady who was scourged and raped with her throat slit, placed in a very sexual way in a public park. Another death of a man who was also scourged and raped and had his penis cut off, apparently by the same person, was found. There was a serial killer on the lose.

Charley Pope was a sexual offender who was let out of a state medical institution for rape. He had a bracelet on his ankle for keeping track of him . He ends up missing with his bracelet cut off and his parole officer contacted Lucas because of the sexual murder of the woman. Under the nails of the second murder victim was found some blood and skin and DNA said it was Charley Pope. They thought they had a suspect, but they had to find him first. Some fishermen at a river, snagged a hand and turned it over to the authorities. DNA proved that the hand belonged to Pope.

Lucas was beside himself, but by looking at the clues he determined that the killer had ties to the medical institute. With constant studying of files of employees, doctors and medical staff, Lucas comes up with a theory of his own. A fire storm ending with Lucas and other police authorities, is something only Sandford can write. The ending of this story keeps you on the edge of your chair. Very good book! At the end a list of 100 songs is found, very interesting..

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