Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Short Straw, Stuart Woods - Book Review

"Short Straw" by Woods is a good mystery with all the twist and turns of a mountain road. Ed Eagle an attorney in Santa Fe, NM wakes up late on the day that a reception for his new office was going to start around noon. There was much to be done and he wondered why his wife did not get him up. Come to find out she cleaned out the bank accounts and left Ed for parts unknown. After learning the truth, Ed hires two PI, one a retired detective from LAPD, Cupie, the other an Apache from Santa Fe, Vittorio. Barbara, Ed's Wife, left for Mexico, but Ed was able to retain most of the assets. The two PIs meet in Mexico, find Barbara and present her with divorce papers. She is very slippery and gets away. The PIs are relentless and follow her in her travels. A sub plot, where Ed draws the short straw and has to defend a man for triple murder, Joe Big Bear, plays an important role in the story.

Stuart Woods holds the reader in suspense as Barbara and the PIs travel in Mexico to La Jolla and LA. Eagle flies to LA to meet with the PIs and hopefully Barbara, to settle the dilimma. Things get hot but Woods does a good job bringing it all together. It is a quick and enjoyable read but one must look out for the one you trust.

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