Friday, June 22, 2007

Plum Lovin', Janet Evanovich

This is a short story to hold readers through until the 13th Stephanie Plum book comes out this summer. The main character is the lovable Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter from Trenton, NJ. She is trying to apprehend Annie Hart, a relationship expert, who was falsely accused of a robbery and shooting. Steph was in her kitchen when approached by Diesel, also a bounty hunter. Steph was startled by his presence and said "Why don't you knock?" he only smiled. Diesel told Steph that if she would help him with his task, he would deliver Annie for the bounty she was after. His task was to unite several lonely hearts for a fine Valentine day, she agrees.

Evanovich is at her best with the humor and antics. The laugh is the traditional encore in her books and a good mystery to keep everything in focus. The reading is quick, funny and enjoyable.

Stephanie travels through out Trenton to mend broken marriages, start new relationships and help out with a 30+ year old virgin. Lulu and Steph's grandma add to the humor and contribute to a fine conclusion.

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