Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Angels Flight, Michael Connelly - Book Review

Connelly has done a top notch job on this detective mystery in LA with Harry Bosch as the main character. The story starts with Harry getting a call at mid-night by his chief to investigate the murder of Howard Elias. Elias was a black civil rights lawyer that made a name for himself out of suing the LAPD. Elias was found shot in the rail car of the Angels Flight along with a lady. Tension was high after the post riot days of '92 and the death of this lawyer might start another riot. The people of LA thought the LAPD was behind this tragedy, so the chief assigned the case to Harry and his team, who are black, hoping this might help. Elias was going to trial to expose the innocence of M. Harris, who was suspected of killing a young girl, Stacey Kincaid, the daughter of the well known car czar of LA. Bosch decides to start from the beginning with the murder of Stacey thinking that was the same one who killed Elias. Things heat up and Bosch uncovers a pedophile ring on the Internet that leads to Sam Kincaid, the stepfather of Stacey. Through much reading of files, Bosch is able to piece things together. The riots begin , and Connelly holds our interest with an ending that is unexpected. A very good mystery.

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