Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Shaman's Game, James Doss - Book Review

Jame Doss has written a very mystical story with "the Shaman's Game". The story begins in southern Colorado with the Ute Native American Indians and Charlie Moon, born and bread Ute and USPD policeman. The Shaman is Charlie's aunt Daisy Perika, a traditional Ute with mysticism and Indian beliefs being her way of life. Charlie is more modern in his approach to life, but still holds to the thinking of an Indian. Every year there is a ceremony of the Sun Dance, a dance of several days without water, that gives power to the one who finishes. The dance brings tragedy to the Utes when the finisher dies. His death was credited to a witch. Daisy is sure of this and starts proceedings to battle the witch. There is evil in the her midst.

Charlie Moon is a big man, handsome and in shape. He is sought after by most eligible women. Myra is the one who is lucky to be with Moon until he is approached by an old high school girlfriend, Delly. Charlie is just trying to do his job with the USPD and with the possible murder of the dancer, he could not understand the women and the feud that pursues. Charlie was caught in the middle. Delly got a job at the local paper and said she would work on the witch scandal and tell who the witch is after another Sun Dance ceremony. The Sun Dance begins and Doss holds the readers interest with the mystery of the witch and mysticism of the Indians. The dreams and omens that Daisy had only brings truth to the finale and Charlie is faced with some unanswered mystical questions.

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